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Is it surprising the is the largest debating website since got shut down

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I just remember when was a thing, and I used to debate on the opinion section of it all the time. I miss is when it was a thing. That's the whole reason I came here.

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  • anarchist100anarchist100 713 Pts   -   edited November 16 was not a real debate website, at least not at the end, I used to be on there, it was full of trolls, hardly any actual debates, just people insulting each other, which is ok if that's what you enjoy, but as far as actual debating goes, for a long time close to the end, it was really terrible. It didn't seem like there was any moderation, if there had been I imagine that there would have been more actual debates and less trolling, even if it had been properly maintained I would have preferred Debate Island, the format is just better for debating, at least for me.

    As for the opinion section of, that was terrible for debating by almost anyone's standards, basically no one ever responded to the comments on their opinion piece, and hardly ever read other people's, so we just had a bunch of losers spewing their opinions. Not to mention that when it became a troll website the opinion section was the worst of them all, all the opinion debates where about some silly feud, I'll give it one thing though, it was interesting to see how it evolved, but as I stated before, it was useless if your goal is debating.
  • @anarchist100 I just remember people asked harmful questions like "Should rape be legal."
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1477 Pts   -  
    @theinfectedmaster @anarchist100
    I just didn't like that Willows character writing all those gratuitous, hard-biting, offensive skits and winning all the arguments...he just got so cocky. I bet he couldn't write his name backwards if he tried.

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