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Elon Musk- Saviour of US democracy?

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The incredible story of Hunter Biden's laptop, which exposed the Biden families influence peddling corruption, was suppressed by corrupt senior members of the FBI who used media giants to censor information which would have affected the outcome of the last US Presidential election.   This story is now exploding in the media, and even the fake news media can no longer ignore it.  It makes Watergate look like a littering offence.      This confirmed the belief among intelligent people that the last  election was rigged through media censorship and other underhanded means.


Elon Musk has done something extraordinary for US democracy.    He used tens of billions of his own money to purchase Twitter, just to expose the tentacles of privileged power corruption in the USA, and the  determination of evil people of zeal to even violate the US Constitution and rig elections, to maintain their elite grip on power.     One wonders if those people with non functioning brains who voted for senile Joe and his corrupt family and cronies have now come to their senses?


I propose that the people of the USA owe a vast dept of gratitude to Elon Musk and he should be honoured with a high national award for his work protecting free speech and the US Constitution.     What do you think?


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