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From John Money's 1955 integration of "gender is a social construct" to intersex to Leftist Wokism

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For years, we have faced a group of science deniers called "Critical Social Justice Community".. They have proven time and again to be hypocritical, toxic and not intellectual. They have proven to be uncivil as well. One disagreement and they call you a bigot. One hint that you are religious and they hate you for it. What kind of criticism is this? What kind of justice is this? It's neither justice nor criticism. These are simply the facts. I will now go onto explaining as much as I can about the Denial of Biological Sex and the lunacy of transgenderism that is indeed linked towards the Intersex topic. In Biology, we know that X and Y chromosomes determine a baby's gender. XY determine a baby to be male. XX determines a baby to be female. Gender and sex are debated today to be very different and unrelated. But this is the problem. Gender is co-related to the two biological sexes, that's why there are only 2 genders. Gender describes the features and aspects of males and females. Masculinity traits fall upon males only. such as body hair, the genitalia and certain likes, certain dislikes as well as personality traits. Femininity traits fall upon females only. This includes female genitalia such as breasts and no body hair except pubic hair. Now pubic hair happens for all males and females. Transgenderism is no doubt sexist, harmful and is a crime due to the amount of hormone blockers and these Mad Science ideologies being forcefully pushed upon underage youth besides forcing men to sleep with fake women. It is a form of emotional abuse and manipulation. Women's sports are only for women. Men SHOULD NOT be playing in women's sports. Women SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN THE MILITARY AS SOLDIERS. Men are men. Women are women. These gender specific roles are tied down to what gender specific traits look like and what it demonstrates to be what puts society forward. Marriage and true love is only to be shared between a real man and a real woman. Ellen Page is a woman still who denies being a woman. Bruce Jenner is still a man and denies it. The facts are the facts. Gender/sex cannot change. There is no other form of marriage. In Scientific research, it is stated that homosexuals and bisexuals are infected with AIDs/HIV, more so than heterosexuals because of the amount of sex they have, causing them to have over 1000 partners per year. This is what causes them to get infected with AIDs/HIV along with the disturbing fact that the rectum aka the butthole is not for sexual pleasure. I understand it is a common sex kink but it is not healthy. Schools are now allowing these drag queens to expose inappropriate content to innocent school boys and school girls. These are common events, denied by the very people asking for sympathy and acceptance for what is considered immoral from the religious communities. It is not false rumor, however, the media seems to be conjuring lies to seduce and to manipulate audiences further into believing everything is okay when it is not. Bisexuals and homosexuals also suffer from drug addictions and substance abuse as well as being traumatized from childhood, either sexually or physically or psychologically aka mentally. Sometimes boys are not treated as boys. Sometimes girls are not treated as girls. These are what puts them forward towards doing drugs, stealing, joining gangs and ofc, the problem of Teen Pregnancy. So, back to the intersex topic. Why does XXY aka Klinefelter's Syndrome still make an individual with this genetic condition, male? How does it not make an individual male when males are the ones who give off a Y sex chromosome? Simple. It doesn't make the individual female. The individual is male. Doctors of the past have often made an error in putting the individual in the wrong gender category, which today is causing massive confusion. On the topic of abortion, it takes a real man and a real woman to make a child. Therefore, the decision is up to both the man and the woman. How does intersex connect with all this? Well, think about it. Males are the ONLY ONES who can deliver a Y chromosome. If it was a different birth defect, specifically chromosomally, which only happens 1 in 1000 individuals, XXX is female. Only females deliver one X chromosome and males can deliver one as well. But in this case, the female chromosomal combination is indeed two X's. The extra X aka the third X sex chromosome is from the male while the female delivers two X chromosomes. Males CANNOT deliver two X sex chromosomes. Males can only deliver one X chromosome along with the smaller sex Y chromosome. In a rare case of sexual intercourse, females may deliver two X chromosomes. This does not make her asexual though. I can now see how people are confused to make the misconception that women can be asexual. Obviously, women are not asexual. They are heterosexual. So are males. To explain this further, males deliver one X chromosome and females deliver another one to make a girl not a boy. Therefore, in the rare case of a third X sex chromosome, it's from the female not from the male because females do not deliver a Y sex chromosome. This isn't a fine situation to mess with biological aspects. It is a rare deformity to have XXY or XXX alike. It is a different uncommon deformity. It's still a deformity altogether. This is how you know the child is absolutely female with an extra X chromosome. Only females have a combination of two X chromosomes not males because again, males do not deliver only an X chromosome. There is a 50% chance the male can deliver a Y chromosome. Females obviously 100% of the time deliver an X sex chromosome.. So the conclusion here on intersex and birth defects is, females can possibly deliver two X chromosomes in a rare case of procreation along with a male delivering his X sex chromosome and combined with the male's X chromosome, you get the baby with a chromosomal genetic disorder of two X sex chromosomes, making the baby female with an extra X sex chromosome. Now, with the rare case of the opposite, which is Klinefelter's syndrome, it is the male who delivers an X AND Y sex chromosome AT THE SAME TIME, combined with ONLY ONE female X sex chromosome. People out there reading this HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THIS! THE COMMON CONFUSION IS THAT PEOPLE THINK FROM THE XXY THAT THERE ARE TWO X SEX CHROMOSOMES MAKING THE BABY FEMALE? NO! That's the problem! Just because there are two X sex chromosomes, it doesn't make the baby female IF THERE IS A Y SEX CHROMOSOME INVOLVED FROM THE MALE! The responsibility falls on both the real man and the real woman as well. Without the man, the woman cannot get pregnant. People within the toxic woke alphabet dystopia claim asexuality is a thing too. This is an error and pure ignorance. Asexuality by definition is the ability to reproduce without a sexual partner of the opposite sex/gender. It is a fact in biology that no human female can fertilize her egg by herself, unlike the common aspect of mother birds. Humans are not animals. God created us separate from them. Without the human male to deliver a sperm to fertilize the human female's egg, she cannot have a child. This is how it is. That is why responsibility is important when you enter into a relationship. I am speaking exclusively when a real man and a real woman get together. 

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