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Does the Deep State exist?

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This is a subject which should unite people on this site who express even right or left opinions.

 For decades, people with left wing opinions have claimed  that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by members of the US government, who were in the intelligence services and law enforcement agencies.    The reason for this assassination, which in effect was a coup against an elected US government, was one because of the extreme anti communist which was extant in US officials of the day.

Kennedy was seen as "soft on communism" because he wanted a rapprochement with the Soviet Union, would not allow US forces to invade Cuba, refused to commit regular US troops to the Vietnam war, and supported civil rights for US African Americans.   I think that the left side of politics were right about the existence of a Deep State.    Or, what Donald Trump called "the swamp."   

 Given that many leftists and I agree that there exists government officials who are rogue elements, who act without regard to elected officials or election results, seems to be born out once again with the Twitter Files displaying the cozy relationship between US intelligence services and giant media companies.   

 Do you agree that the Deep State exists?     Please state your reasons for and against, and try to write a paragraph or two.      If all you can manage is sneery one liners, then please go and play in the sandpit with the other children, and let the adults discuss serious concepts.


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