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The Daily Pigeon is a good news source.

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There is a new news site called the Daily Pigeon. I think it is usually factually correct and a good source of information. Here's the link:

Is this biased? 
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  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 631 Pts   -  

    One of the parts of their description says "don't trust the science" too lol, I would have a hard time believing a source who denies rigorous scientific studies with little to no evidence.

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  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1154 Pts   -   edited January 10
    Argument Topic: No

    Is this biased?

    It's satire. The site appears to be a super small blogging operation.

    I had a quick scroll through the posts, and one of the first red flags I discovered was:-

    Study Shows Vaccine Hesitancy Causes Climate Change

    It's satire.
  • just_sayinjust_sayin 132 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Not in first 100 Google Search Entries

    If you Google "Daily Pigeon" it doesn't show up in the first 100 entries.  So I assume it isn't a significant site.
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