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Does the discovery of classified docs in Bidens hands mean the case against Trump is LOST?

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I say YES!!  I don't just mean the documents case either..  I'm talking about the whole shebang including all state charges too.  Merrick Garland is a dope. 



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  • It would lead me to believe there are wo cases not one 
  • jackjack 214 Pts   -  
    John_C_87 said:
    It would lead me to believe there are wo cases not one 
    Hello again, John:

    Yeah..  In addition to the two federal investigations going on, one about the stolen documents and the other being his involvement in Jan 6, the state of South Carolina, the state of New York, and the city of New York ALL had investigations going on.. 

    I'm suggesting that, due to the incompetence of the Biden team, Trump is gonna beat ALL the charges, against him.    That's not because he's not guilty..  He clearly is..  But, like Trumps impeachment, politics are overtaking justice.

  • just_sayinjust_sayin 132 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: They are two independent cases

    I don't believe Biden's troubles will impact the Trump case.  However, I think there are some significant differences between the two which may mean more trouble for Biden over the long run.  As Mark Levin notes:
    1) Trump was in negotiations with the DOJ, Biden covered up the existence of secret documents in his possession for months
    2)Trump's documents were in a location protected by the secret service, The Penn Biden location is not protected by the secret service and is heavily funded by the Chinese
    3) Trump has asserted he declassified the secret documents in his possession as is his right as president.  Biden did not have that authority, so the documents in his possession were illegally taken.  Several criminal violations were undeniably broken by taking documents illegally, transporting them, and then failing to properly secure them.
    4) Biden is a life long Democrat with much exposure to secret documents and the requirements of keeping them.  Trump's only exposure was as president where he could declassify any document he desired.  Biden should have known better.
    5) The DOJ has treated the cases differently.  They did not issue Biden a subpoena, they did not raid his house, and it does not appear they even questioned him about the missing documents that he illegally took.
    6) We only know of the incidents because of Biden's lawyers, and only after keeping the matter secret until after the election.
    7) The chain of custody with Biden's documents is much more in doubt. 

    The DOJ will have to explain why they did not ask Biden for the secret documents.  Especially whey they raided Trump's home for them, and did not do so for Biden who obviously did not have the right to seize them illegally.

  • jackjack 214 Pts   -   edited January 13

    I don't believe Biden's troubles will impact the Trump case.  

    Hello j:

    Yes, they are distinct investigations, but they're inexorably linked politically.  I'm saying that after this disclosure, Trumps guilt or innocence will never play out in a court room..  There's not a prosecutor in the country who'll bring charges against Trump now.  The Biden blunders will see to that.. 

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4961 Pts   -  

    Your theory appears infalsifiable. The theory is: "Trump is guilty". If Trump is found guilty in the court, then that is a proof that he is guilty; if not, then he is still guilty, the court just did not do its job.

    I am not sure what the point of debating this is given how you stacked up your arguments.
  • jackjack 214 Pts   -  
    MayCaesar said:

    I am not sure what the point of debating this is given how you stacked up your arguments.
    Hello May:

    Me neither.  Have a nice day.


  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1154 Pts   -  
    I am not sure what the point of debating this is given how you stacked up your arguments.

    There is no point debating this halfwit about anything. Prove him wrong and he'll claim you hate him because he's Jewish. Try it and see.

  • BoganBogan 269 Pts   -  

    The politically motivated persecution of Donald Trump by the politicized US Justice Department is now dead in the water.

     Merrick Garland, who is nothing but a Democrat shill, now has a real problem on his hand.     If he does not persecute Biden, then it will be obvious to even the du-mbest Democrat voter, even jack/excon,  that the US justice system is two tiered and biased towards the Democrats.    Garland has to prosecute Biden to try and keep the fig leaf of impartiality in place.    

     Of course, people who are politically savvy knew all along that the FBI and the US Justice Department were being weaponized  to protect Democrats and attack Republicans.    But the du-mbest members of society like jack/excon had a little trouble grasping that concept.    But now it is out in the open for all to see.

     Fact1.    Hillary Clinton deleted 3200 emails and used a hammer to smash her hard drive to prevent the politicized FBI from using them in a criminal prosecution that she compromised top secret messages by putting them on a public server.    The FBI lawyer who exonerated Clinton was James Baker.

     Fact2.    James Baker involved in the infamous "letter" signed by 51 FBI investigators who claimed that Hunter Biden's laptop was "Russian disinformation." 

     Fact 3.   After leaving (or being sacked) from the FBI, he turns up at Twitter as the Head of Security.    He was sacked by Elon Musk when Musk realised that some sensitive documents relating to the FBI operation by 80 agents to monitor the political allegiances of ordinary Americans were missing.    Musk said he sacked baker because Baker's reason for why these files had somehow been deleted was "unconvincing."

     Fact 4.     Biden made a complete self righteous ar-se of himself over the claim that Donald Trump had not kept so called classified documents (which he had the power to declassify) properly stored.    No matter how Merrick Garland can fiddle the facts, nothing he can do will alter the fact that Biden's criminal act is a lot more serious than Trump's supposed criminal act.     As President, Trump had the authority to declassify documents and keep them at home.  Biden had no authority to have any secret documents at all.

     Fact 5.   Why was there no FBI raid on Biden's home?

     My take on this, is that Garland will now have to prosecute Trump and Biden.   Trump will win, but Biden will lose.     I think that this only came to light because the Democrats know that bumbling Biden is radioactive and they have to get rid of him.  I am sure that the Dems could have buried this if they wanted to.  After all, the own the FBI and the Justice Department.     Biden has to go, because he is just a mumbling  embarrassment they can no longer prop up in front of a TV camera with an autocue.      

  • jackjack 214 Pts   -  
    Bogan said:

     it will be obvious to even the du-mbest Democrat voter, even jack/excon, 
    Hello B:

    Lemme repeat, cause it ain't getting through..  Unless, of course, you LIKE being an a**hole..

    Intelligent people discuss ideas

    Average people discuss events

    Du-mb  people discuss other people.

  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1154 Pts   -   edited February 10
  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1154 Pts   -  
    Lemme repeat, cause it ain't getting through..  Unless, of course, you LIKE being an a**hole.

    He might be what you claimed, but he's absolutely right about you being dumb. If there was an international committee for dumb, you would be chairman of the board.

  • BarnardotBarnardot 334 Pts   -  
    @jack I dont think so really because those guys are very care full where they put all the documents so that when they go and raid Bidens house what they would do is lock all the Trump documents in the case in a filling cabinet so that the chances of losing it are pretty slim really.
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