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Modern Bill Nye is an unreliable source on scientific issues.

Debate Information

This a debate on whether or not Bill Nye should be considered a reliable source on scientific issues. This discussion touches upon the following topics:

  • Whether or not Bill Nye is a scientist
  • If what Bill Nye says is true
  • If Bill Nye is an ideologue pushing propaganda
Rules: be nice and make logical arguments. These rules apply to me as well

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  • PepsiguyPepsiguy 81 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: My argument:

    Is Bill Nye a scientist? No, he has more of background in comedy than science.

    Bill Nye has only 1 actual degree(not counting honorary degrees which are not real). That degree is a in Mechanical Engineering. Now not everyone needs to have fancy degrees to be reliable. But science is a stem field, in which college degrees make a huge difference.

    According to Wikipedia: "Bill Nye was originally an engineer for the 747 airliner at Boeing, having moved to Seattle in 1977 after he was accepted for the position." And in the 80's Bill Pursued a career in comedy[1] after winning a Steve Martin impersonation-competition. Bill Nye the science guy first appeared in Almost live in the year 1990[3]. "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is literally the first time Bill Nye had anything to do with science. So his kid show became extremely popular and his ego exploded.

    Is what Bill Nye saying is true? No, Bill Nye tweeted that tornadoes are getting more severe[4], however this is false as shown by these graphs:
    Also by the time Nye said this there was the longest hurricane drought in history[5].

    He also doesn't understand quantum entanglement[6].
    He also believes that NASCAR should make their cars electric even though this would damage the sport[7]. Tom Jensen of FOX sports said so.

    The founder of the weather has also refuted Bill Nye[10][11], and has called him a 

    ‘a pretend scientist in a bow tie’.

    Is Bill Nye an ideologue? Absolutely!! He preaches the gender spectrum[8](warning: Link 7 can cause extreme psychological damage).
    He wants to jail climate change deniers even though they have 1st amendment rights[9]. He constantly complains about people who are "anti science" yet he is doing even more anti science stuff by wishing the government to your opponent. As much as I hate leftists and communists I would be horrified if they were to be jailed for their beliefs. Antitheists - as much as I loathe them - would not incarcerate. Why is it not okay to incarcerate them? Because they(like all humans) have the God-given right of freedom of expression - no matter how .

    As you see. I have given my point as simple as I could

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4891 Pts   -  
    A scientist is someone who spends a significant amount of time doing scientific research. Bill Nye has no credentials in this department and, instead, talks about science based on the limited amount of reading that he has done. This kind of people are nowadays called "experts"; in essence, a modern "expert" is someone who has done a bunch of reading on a particular topic and believes himself authoritative to make strong statements on the topic. In the actual scientific world we think very lowly of these people: "climate experts", "nutrition experts", "fitness experts"... And, of course, an "expert on science" is not a thing, for even the most prolific scientists have a significant amount of knowledge only in a narrow set of fields and absolutely cannot know a lot about science in general.

    To his credit, Bill Nye does not call himself a scientist: he calls himself "a science guy". Which does not mean much, but, at least, sets the tone of the kind of performances he nowadays partakes in. Listening to him might be useful to someone who knows absolutely nothing about science and would be equivalent to going to a bar with a few science fiction writers and chatting with them. But someone who wants to actually learn a bit of science is better served by buying a few books written by accomplished scientists such as Stephen Hawking or Brian Greene. People like Bill Nye or deGrasse Tyson (who is an actual scientist, but 99% of the time he talks about things far outside his areas of expertise) are entertainers, not sources of valuable information.
  • PepsiguyPepsiguy 81 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Response


    I agree with your points here. But although Bill does not refer to himself as a scientist, he has an ego big enough to call himself an expert and like Tyson(who I'm also not a big fan of for similar reasons) he acts like an expert in science and acts like some priestly intermediary between what he sees as the laymen(us) and his god(which is his definition of  "science").
  • DeeDee 4958 Pts   -   edited January 22

    Bill Nye made tv shows regarding science his job was to educate and entertain if he failed /succeeded  is immaterial, it's also pretty telling that he was funded substantially by the National Science Foundation and the US government and received critical acclaim , it  was nominated for 23 Emmy Awards winning 19 also studies found that people that viewed the show were better able to generate explanations and extensions of scientific views than non viewers

    Your jealousy and hate at a guy making a fun science show demonstrates how unbalanced right wing religious nuts are in the US , no doubt you firmly believe all scientific truths are to be found in the Bible 

    It's most amusing you and May totally ridicule and condescendingly look down on a guy for making a show which won 19 Emmy's because how dare he talk about Science , he's not a real scientist , only people with science degrees and right wing Murican Christian's should be allowed decide such matters  

    It takes an American 'Christian ' to demonstrate how truly hateful this vile Bronze Age belief system is .....

    As much as I hate leftists and communists I would be horrified if they were to be jailed for their beliefs. Antitheists - as much as I loathe them ....

    pepsiguy admits he hates others because they are not Christian yet today being Sunday he will bow his head in church and look all pious and saintly as the preacher reads a Bible verse about how hate is not the Christian way  and he nods piously in saintly agreement , when church is over he drives home to post up bile against 'lefties ', 'commies' , 'fags', 'blacks ' , 'jews' poor people , 'Catholics' 'scientists ' etc , etc 

    Murican 'christian' are exempt from the pesky Bible verses they don't agree with they're allowed to hate everyone as it doesn't apply to Murican 'Christian's' 

    9 Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.

    10 Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble.

    11 But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.

    12 Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.

  • jackjack 135 Pts   -  
    Pepsiguy said:

    This a debate on whether or not Bill Nye should be considered a reliable source on scientific issues.

    These rules apply to me as well
    Hello P:

    It should be noted that I'm NOT a scientist..  But, I do know some scientific stuff.  Did you know that heart burn can be instantly relieved with simple baking soda?  Yeah.. An alkaline pH, bicarbonate of soda, neutralizes the acidity in your stomach.  And, it does it, like right NOW! Betcha you didn't know that?  It's science and it's true.

    So, why wouldn't Bill Nye know some science stuff too?

    By the way, they have debates on here where you can set your own rules,  But this ain't one of 'em.  So, you'll pardon me if I go rogue.

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