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Did Muhammed Really Fly To Jerusalem?

Debate Information

The story of Prophet Muhammad's miraculous night journey and ascent to heaven, known as the Isra and Miraj, is a widely accepted event among Muslims and is described in Islamic tradition. However, it is considered a spiritual and mystical event rather than a literal physical journey and its details are open to interpretation. It is not meant to be taken as a literal, historical event in the same way that other events in Islamic history are understood.

Then what gives Muslims the right to build a physical mosque where Muhammed supposedly landed after his fantasy flight?  

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  • MrJudgeMrJudge 3 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: No Mahammed did not "fly to Jerusalem

    Before Proceeding I wish to make it clear that my response to this question is based on the assumption this religious question is related to Islam and that the Muhmmed that the author refers to is the so-called "prophet Muhammad" of the same religion. 

    The reason Muhammad can't have "flown" over to Jerusalem is that assuming Muhammad was an actual person, he lived in the years 570 CE to the year 632 CE at no point in this era of human history did there exist any form of flying technology that would have allowed him to do so, in fact, the technology to fly would not be proven true until 1904/1905 and even then it was not available to the public until 1908 which is well over a thousand years after his death. Therefore, no, he did not fly over to Jerusalem or any other place as technology did not exist. 

    While I am aware that he is a religious Icon and that many people see him as the prophet of an ancient religion and thus think he can do anything with Allah's help. This belief is entirely based on faith and therefore isn't credible.

    Assuming Muhmmed was real, and the fact that he is human and lived in a time where flying was not only unheard of but also not possible, the conclusion must be then that he did not ever fly in his life, regardless of what you believe of the man personally.
  • 21CenturyIconoclast21CenturyIconoclast 135 Pts   -   edited February 6

    YOUR QUOTE OF NO FLYING. MACHINES IN THE ERA OF THE PEDOPHILE MUHAMMED: "Therefore, no, he did not fly over to Jerusalem or any other place as technology did not exist."

    The primitive Muslim MYTH has more laughter to add to it, whereas, the pedophile Muhammed "flew" to Jerusalem on a "winged" white half donkey and half mule creature called Burāq!  Just think of the mindset that actually can swallow this comical Muslim fact. LOL! 

    Furthermore, how can the pedophile Muhammed ascend up too heaven to meet Jesus as God since He was there already?  Allah and Jesus. cannot exist at the same time as gods because the Bible of Christianity, and the Muslim Qur'an blatantly contradict each other, even though both laughable faiths are built upon the foundation of Abraham, whoops!  


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