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How to handle getting drunk?

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Let me continue by saying that every one should drink responsively So what happens when you drank to much and then you think oh no I drank to much. For example I don’t drink beer because it takes to long and you have to get up to many times at night and I have to get up early to go to work so that’s why I drink lickor neat. When I get home from work after work I will have a few wild Turkey s and some times I lie on the bed and the room spins a round . So what do I do? We have a real good fan because it has a remote so I look at the fan and turn the nob a round until it looks like it’s not moving. So in the morning when I get up to go to work before I go to work I get an egg some worster sauce and some oysters an tobasco and put it in the blender then drink it on the way to work.

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  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1154 Pts   -  
    some times I lie on the bed and the room spins a round . So what do I do?

    You place one foot flat on the floor. Then you thank the lord for the profound wisdom of the Nom and promise never to be a girlie boy ever again.

  • bjinthirtybjinthirty 124 Pts   -  
    electrolytes, green machine, zinc supplements, bread, before or after you stick your finger in your mouth to induce vomiting the liquor out. Best way to handle it is by riding it out. But at that point i dont call it being drunk anymore, you're being poisoned. Drink responsibly.
  • JoeKerrJoeKerr 311 Pts   -  
    Let's just hope you're not driving to work the following morning.
  • BarnardotBarnardot 334 Pts   -  
    @JoeKerr I would never drive my car to work because the cops put a notice on it that says it’s un fit  to drive so I don’t want to get done. Any way all that’s wrong with it is that it’s got 4 bold tires and some one ripped the wipers and the mirror s off and there’s a grate big dent going down one side that’s not my folt any way and it rusted up .
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