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How do we develop the awareness of responsibilities that are associated with rights?

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To the end of developing rights more completely, associated responsibilities (duties and obligations) should be recognized, accepted, and observed. Although talking about rights is far more compelling than reminding people of responsibilities(Sikkink, 2020), the two ideas should be asserted in tandem, as the ideas of rights and responsibilities are inextricably tied to one another. As in, the value of rights strictly depends on their subsequent expansion into duties(Jacks, 1924.)
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  • MineSubCraftStarvedMineSubCraftStarved 105 Pts   -  
    How do we determine what level of responsibility must be associated with rights? If we were to look at the right to express one's opinion, is there a responsibility that certain viewpoints must not be expressed? And if so, who determines what viewpoints must be restrained?
    A right is defined as the ability of someone to do an action, without infringing on another person's rights to complete another action. I don't think there should be any enforcement of 'responsibility' with this. Responsibility and duties would be fundamentally opposed to rights as they require an individual to undertake an action or goal.
  • DreamerDreamer 103 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Sounds good.

    Hi MortieSpahn welcome to debateisland. :)

    I agree, I think we need both. Take vaccines for example, people have a responsibility to take reasonable care of their own health and to protect others. Though we still need some rights, people with medical exemptions should be allowed to skip their vaccine.

    Same with tobacco, alcohol, traffic laws, etc.

  • BarnardotBarnardot 334 Pts   -  
    @MortieSpahn I think I get your drift but I think may be your a bit confused because if associated responsibilities are duties and obligations then the rights dont need to expansion in to duties because they are there any way Any way the thing is that before you go into all that sort of stuff you have to sort out what the rights are because I presume you meen rights that are written down in to the law but you didn't say that because any body can come up to you and say hay I have the right to slap your face and you say like what right and then he says my right to exist. So then you all so get people who say that they have religious rights because its in the institution so there for that gives them a right to bash gays because that what there religion says and they would be denied there rights if they couldn't bash gays. So when you analize it in the end what every one calls rights is totally different to what every body else interprets what the rights are so there for every thing else about awearness doesn't meen a thing because people are a wear of different things about the right that is in question.
  • jackjack 214 Pts   -  

    .. developing rights more completely, associated responsibilities (duties and obligations) should be recognized, accepted, and observed.
    Hello M:

    Where can a list of these duties and responsibilities be found?


  • BarnardotBarnardot 334 Pts   -  
    @jack ;Where can a list of these duties and responsibilities be found?

    Right on there because there is no list and if there is one then its one that some one made up to fit in with what ever thing he is trying to push out of his mind. And for that matter what is the list of rights like what rights. Does he meen the rights who aren't the left or the rights on the road or the right way to do something but even if you look past that there are many different things that say what rights there are and every one will take those rights to meen what they think is right in the end any way.

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4961 Pts   -  
    It seems to me that they develop naturally when people have respective rights guaranteed. For instance, someone exercising his free speech routinely runs into other people's reactions to his words, and if his communication is inefficient, the effects of it will be immediately visible. If the person comes to a birthday party and starts spouting some crazy ideology there, poisoning the atmosphere for everyone, then he likely will not be invited the next time. If someone makes derogatory remarks towards every person of a certain race he comes across, then no person of that race will want to interact with him and his social pool will drastically shrink. If someone engages in a dishonest ad campaign and the truth comes out, he will lose a lot of customers along with the profit.
  • jackjack 214 Pts   -   edited March 19

    Hello May,

    This -

    "How do we develop the awareness of responsibilities that are associated with rights"

    - is a word salad.. I have NO idea what it means.  According to your very own word salad, you don't either.


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