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E.M.T. Vs B.O.C.?

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E.M.T. - Electric Mass Transit.

B.O.C. – Battery Operated Vehicles.

This debate is over what is really the best option for reliable affordable clean energy for public travel. The integrated mono-rail track system could be used in a superior way than to keep going with vehicles which require batteries. Cars with batteries are just like cars that carry their own fuel. The overall idea still requires massive state and federal assistance with infrastructure roadway cost and does not change the state of power supply to self-reliance.

Do you think the future for mass transportation rests in self-reliance?

Keep the debate clean no wedgies, melvins, or snuggys will be tolerated during this debate.

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  • John_C_87John_C_87 Emerald Premium Member 805 Pts   -   edited May 19

    Keep roads or abolish roads? 

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