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Why do we have racialist movies?

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I'm not racialist but you have to take a look at what is going down lately. For example I watched a bit of the queen Charlotte movie on Netflix and I thought what the.
All the actors were black and they were playing royalty people way back 200 years ago in England and even called the castle Buckingham house. Well hello but aren't all the high society limys back then white. And whats more all the scummy servants happen to be white people. Like hello again but weren't all the slaves back then black.
And then what the. I watched some of the coronation movie and what the. There was a curry muncher wearing a sick turban in the Christian choir singing a Christian song out of a Christian book. And why was that old black woman sitting next to Charles all the time.

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  • SwolliwSwolliw 1530 Pts   -   edited May 14
    @Barnardot Apart from making a very crude assessment of race relations I hardly think that your less than eloquent prose stimulates any constructive debate nor offers any reasonable or thought-provoking observations on life.

    The only point that I would add is that yes, I think that the Coronation appears to have orchestrated some sort of religious grand-standing by including a Sikh in a Christian choir. I think that was very cringe-worthy indeed and just shows the degree religions will go to show off something that definitely is not the case. That being; tolerance towards other faiths.
  • BoganBogan 273 Pts   -  
    The present woeful state of Hollywood and Netflix is the logical result of the western world refusing to acknowledge that races are not equal.     There are two racist explanations for why certain minorities are so dysfunctional.    The first is that it is all the white guys fault, which is racism toward white people.  The second is more logical, and that is that quite understandably, those races who remained in primitive societies lang after others crated functioning civilisations (requiring higher level thinking)  are simply not as intelligent as the long civilised races.

    Unfortunately, the first racist explanation is the most popular one.     So we end up with a section of white populations who are convinced that their own race is evil.     To atone for their races transgressions, all manner of self flagellation and the giving of special prioveleges to minorities has become the fashionable way to these people..     So, we end up with unwatchabale movies of African actors playing roles which are utterly ridiculous.   This is to give African actors a special privilege to get acting work that they should be physically not suited to do.    This tends to grate with audiences who are refusing to watch these ridiculous movies.   Go woke, go broke.  
  • DreamerDreamer 129 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: I have mixed feelings about more Black actors on mass media. Race is a social construct.

    First, let me state my stance on race when I was a child. I used to believe that races were different but equal. While there are racial differences the differences between members of the same race are greater than differences between races. Therefore race is a social construct.

    My problem is enough already with the diversity distraction. Focus on economic equity first and foremost.

    "A serious and entirely race-blind transfer of wealth to poor people (even just the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage and even though the majority of people working for minimum wage are white) would do more to benefit poor black people"

    Maybe I am paranoid but I am starting to think all this diversity woke nonsense is a white nationalist plot to divert us from what really matters.

    "Compared to white children, American Indian/Alaska Native children were 4.5 times more likely to lose a parent or grandparent caregiver, Black children were 2.4 times more likely, and Hispanic children were nearly 2 times (1.8) more likely."

    The token effort of having even more Black characters on TV shows distracts from more important issues. We need reparations, pass H.R. 40.

    "As of this month, nearly a quarter-million children have lost one or both parents because of COVID-19. Unsurprisingly, because of disparities in who has been more likely to die from COVID-19, nearly two thirds of these children are Black or Latino."Clay Jones

  • BoganBogan 273 Pts   -  

    I love the way you confused people use the term "social construct" as if it is some sort of trump card which explains everything.      Every classification invented by the human race is a "social construct."     The idea that races are different may be a "social construct", but then so is the idea that races are equal is also a "social construct."


     If you advocate for economic equity then you are advocating for communism and rejecting meritocracy.    That has never been a model for economic success. Whether you like it or not, some races and ethnicities are collectively not very smart (although smart people within those communities may exist) and that just happens to be the reason why these ethnicities are perpetually dysfunctional in western societies, where the need for brains in our complex societies is mandatory.     The idea of "equity" is being preached and practiced in Democrat controlled cities in the USA right now, and that is not going well, is it?

     You may indeed be paranoid, but I don't think so.    However, I find you an interesting case.    I find it amusing that you are actually blaming wokeism on the right.     The term "woke" was invented by the left to describe left wing people who are "awake" as to how the world should be.     The word has become toxic because of the need of the woke to advocate utter absurdities to make their Brave New World work.    "Woke" has become a substitute for "id-iot".  So it does not surprise me that you would try to blame your political opponents for the nutty policies your own side advocates.

     Your advocacy for "reparations" is about as nutty and woke as you can get.    To begin with, who pays this bill?    Are you going to investigate every US family who once had slaves and force them to pay reparations for what their ancestors did?    That won't wash in the courts.    Nobody is legally responsible for what their ancestors did.  Or are you just going to blame the entire white race for slavery, which just so happens to be racism.    Especially since it was the white race who were the first civilisation in history to recognise that slavery was essentially and morally wrong, and who fought wars to prevent it's existence.    Then there is the problem of mixed race people.   Are you going to determine the proportion of "whiteness" within every mixed race person to assess their inherited culpability?   You are thinking like a fool.

     It has been calculated that a "reparations" bill of $800 billion dollars would be needed to give reparations to every African descended person in California alone.    News flash.    California is broke and the productive, taxpaying populace is fleeing to other states and taking their businesses and taxes with them.    Imposing another onerous tax on the productive will accelerate this process and  turn the whole state of California into another Detroit.     I think that the reason you think this way may be because when you were a toddler, your mommy didn't give you "The Golden Goose" to read.

     It just amazes me how unthinking and crazy you leftists are.   But the most amazing thing  about you wokes is, that you think that you are really smart.    If you really want to be smart, start thinking smart.

  • DreamerDreamer 129 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Passing H. R. 40 doesn't mean full payment of reparations.

    H. R. 40 is more about getting a number down to show the full extent of damage. The idea never was to pay the full amount, I can already tell you it would be way too high. The idea is more to break the dominant narrative and stereotypes. An acknowledgement and apology that can pave the way for more tangible laws like min wage increase.
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1530 Pts   -   edited May 17
    @Bogan I think the idea of being a "social construct" is contrived and meaningless. What really matters is that we base our so-called "social constructs" on public opinion and sentiment.
  • BoganBogan 273 Pts   -  

    What "damage" is that?     The average African descended person who lives in the USA has a life infinitely better than the average African who lives in Africa.    If this is not so, why are so many Africans doing everything they can to barge into the USA and every other western country where they will supposedly be "oppressed."?   After visiting Africa and being asked what he thought of it, Mohammad Ali replied, "I am sure glad my grandaddy got on that boat."
  • BoganBogan 273 Pts   -  

    Using the term "social construct" to supposedly de legitimize the idea of race is meaningless.   Congratulations Mr Swallow, you have finally got something right.    The problem is, that leftists keep sprouting this rubbish without any idea of what a social construct is, or how it applies to their own thinking.       They chuck the term around whenever they feel like it in the hope that it makes them look smart.   This is the whole idea of leftism.    Many low IQ people are attracted to this always failing  ideology because they think it makes them look smart.      They have been conditioned by their peers and the leftist culture to think this way, in exactly the same way that tobacco companies used advertising to make adolescents think that cigarettes made them look manly, grown up, and sophisticated.
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1530 Pts   -  
    @Bogan ;Using the term "social construct" to supposedly de legitimize the idea of race is meaningless.   Congratulations Mr Swallow, you have finally got something right. 

    It should be interesting to see how the referendum pans out. I wonder how many times the word "whities" is written into it.

  • DreamerDreamer 129 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: I respectfully disagree, but your case is stronger for the United Kingdom.

    "I think the idea of being a "social construct" is contrived and meaningless."

    In the USA race is a deadly problem. There was recently a mass shooting involving a Hispanic who was a white supremacist and I think his race was white.

    "Science would favor Du Bois. Today, the mainstream belief among scientists is that race is a social construct without biological meaning. And yet, you might still open a study on genetics in a major scientific journal and find categories like "white" and "black" being used as biological variables. In an article published today (Feb. 4) in the journal Science, four scholars say racial categories are weak proxies for genetic diversity and need to be phased out." Megan Gannon, LiveScience on February 5, 2016

    Again, your case is stronger in the United Kingdom because chattel slavery was abolished sooner.

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4991 Pts   -   edited May 21
    As I see it, it depends on how superficially realistic one wants the movie to be. For instance, in the Gladiator movie everyone in the Roman Empire speaks English: this is obviously ahistorical, yet it is much more relatable to modern people than if everyone spoke Latin and English subtitles were provided (and also it would require a LOT more work on the actors' part). Is it a smaller violation than if, say, Marcus Aurelius was played by an Asian man, or even an Asian woman? I think Ayn Rand had the most pragmatic position on it: "If the character's race/gender is an essential element of the story, then it matters; otherwise, it does not". And there are very few instances in which Marcus Aurelius' race in itself affects anything.

    It is another matter when the actors are chosen specifically with "racial diversity" considerations in mind. "Our cast contains a little too many white people; let us add some black people too!" Actors should be chosen based on their competence and fitness for the role, not based on the color of their skin (unless, again, color of their skin has an explicit impact on the story). It is not about the racial makeup, it is about what prompted it.
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