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Could We Provide Stunt Work to the Terminally Ill?

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@BonitaVanhooser ;Basically, I am here to discuss why industries like Hollywood are not making movies for cancer patients or survivors.

I think that if you care to look around you will see that there are more movies about cancer patients and survivors than any others. 

For example, Love Story, A Walk to Remember, A Little Bit of Heaven, Irreplaceable You, Patch Adams.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were a talent agency set up to provide terminally-ill cancer patients highly paid work as stunt actors?

Think about it. One of the highest costs faced by movie producers is insurance premiums, especially for stunt actors. The insurance could be wavered and stunt people under this scheme could receive double the income of non terminally ill stunt people. 

Up the ante a little bit more and I'm sure that these actors could double that income again by agreeing to perform "extra dangerous" stunts. What have they got to lose?

Should the inevitable happen then I'm sure that the production company will gladly provide a clip of the unfortunate scene in slo mo Hi Res. It would certainly look great to play back at the funeral service. And also, think of all the costs of palliative care, drugs, the slow painful agony and the ongoing grief suffered by family and friends if a patient goes full term.

Do you think this could be a goer?

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