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Holy tacos, Batman.. Does the right wing really wanna attack Mexico??

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They DO indeed!!

Donald Trump has led the calls for war, enlisting advisers to come up with ways to attack Mexican drug cartels — with or without Mexico’s permission. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis promised he would send military forces to Mexico on “day one” if he is elected president. Vivek Ramaswamy, the businessman-turned-presidential-hopeful, said he would use “military force to decimate the cartels, Osama bin Laden-style, Soleimani-style” in the first six months of his presidency. Former CIA agent Will Hurd — who at one point was the only Black Republican in the House — said this week that he wants to “dismantle cartel and human smuggling networks by treating them the same way we treated the Taliban and Al Qaeda.”



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  • DreamerDreamer 172 Pts   -   edited September 3
    Argument Topic: Hmmm, interesting, I am open minded on this.

    According to White Rage by Carol Anderson we used to stop drugs from even getting into the countries at key choke points. Far better than targeting the lowest level criminals, the buyers of tiny amounts of contraband. I guess the devil is in the details and I don't really know enough about the situation and solution.

    Btw, how do you make your links for example you have said as a link to twitter?

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