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The slam

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If the general of Trump's army got 22 years in the slam for committing treason, how much time is Trump gonna get?


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  • BarnardotBarnardot 377 Pts   -  
    @jack Well of coarse thats just hyper thetical any way because its only those guys who say that there his army not Trump because hes got more class than those tard red necks any way. 

    And if you look at the reel truth about the hole thing any way and analize it in the end youll see that all those charges are totally trumped up lol. The Democrats are so sacred about losing the next election because Biden is just about falling off his purch. So they just do the old which hunt thing and pay the FBI to come up with the most bazar allegations and every one knows that they wont stick any way. Its just dirty tacts by the democrats because they think that some mud will stick. Any way that Enrico guy wasnt done for treeson because it was ensiting and organizing violent riots and Trump had nothing to do with that any way.
    So when it comes down to it in the end I reckon that Trump is going to get 8 years. In the white house lol :)
  • jackjack 314 Pts   -  
    Barnardot said:

    Any way that Enrico guy wasnt done for treeson because it was ensiting and organizing violent riots and Trump had nothing to do with that any way.
    Hello B:

    Bwa ha ha ha ha.


  • DreamerDreamer 172 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Trump is going to get away scot free and become president for life because he is white.

    Enrique Tarrio is pretty brown and from Cuba, thus Hispanic. That's why the law is coming down so hard on him because they are anti-Hispanic.

    "“I’m pretty brown. I am Cuban. There’s nothing white supremacist about me,” Tarrio told Insider in September 2020."

    Which raises the question can there be Latino white supremacists? Seems hypocritical to me, but apparently there can be.

    Don't worry though Trump will right this anti-Hispanic wrong by becoming president in 2024 for life and giving a full pardon to Tarrio. :)

  • BarnardotBarnardot 377 Pts   -  
    @jack well just because Trump disses the extreme left that doesn’t make him extreme right. And just because he doesn’t diss the extreme right it doesn’t mean that he supports them. 
    He’s just not going to cut out the votes of those rightees and he nose that the lefties aren’t going to vote for him any way so he can crap on them as much as he wants. Votes are like money. Your not going to bite the hand that gives it to you even if you think there a bunch of useless bits.
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