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Is saying R U O K O K?

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Apparently in Australia they had a R U O K day last week and every one was having a discussion about it.

The hole idea is to rech out to some one near you or work with if you think that they might be having issues and I reckon to that it is likely to be a good pick up line.

So is it some thing we should all do?

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  • jackjack 314 Pts   -   edited September 16
    Hello B:

    I LOVE to R U O K O K.  You?


    PS>  Ok..  I just figured out what you were trying to say.  If you used  proper English, I wouldn't have had such a hard time.  Beyond that, is it good to ask somebody how they're doing???  Yeah...    

    It's also a good idea to avoid eating yellow snow, but you wouldn't want to post about it, would you?


  • BoganBogan 302 Pts   -  
    What an intelligent topic.
  • BarnardotBarnardot 377 Pts   -  
    @Bogan ;What an intelligent topic.

    I don’t think it’s highly intelligent but I reckon it’s more like a topic on mental health which I reckon Tran sends any thing to do with how intelligent you are. For example you might get an extreme person like a red neck or a racialist who might have a full brain and he uses only half of it so he can ignore what he doesn’t want to know about. And because there so hell bent on roaring round in there pick ups that they don’t want to know how other people are. And there to ignorant o think weather or not there ok. 

    But in realty I think that because they think such extreme things they think that they are okay. But in the end it’s them who are not okay. So in the end it’s all about if you can’t love your self then you can’t love others.

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