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Is religion of help to children younger than ten years old?

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Rather than asking if it's necessary which is quite broad, I'll narrow it down with this.

I, as an atheist, believe that most children are in great care under religion. I am going to admit now that some have been victims of child molestation before and even some unsolved cases in the 19th century have been brought back for further investigation. Corrupt power monsters of religion I comment. Most have stuck and upheld to religious teaching. I was once a three time Bible contest champion and a firm servant of God. Religion had blinded me and kept my full logical potential with all the lies but I was able to break free. Of course I was enraged but I can't blame any religious teacher if they end David's story with simply "David beat the Giant" because I myself wouldn't ruin a child and tell him about incest and foreskins and how Goliath's head was cut off like some object of prize for God's glory.

Nevertheless, it's really difficult to explain morals and logic to a child without the aid of religion. It's difficult to control them without scaring them with hell and Jesus being mad. There's prayer to strengthen their focus and meditation capabilities and clear their mind. 


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  • zayeozayeo 13 Pts   -  
    Yes, this helps build a base for the children.
  • ImbsterImbster 149 Pts   -  
    zayeo said:
    Yes, this helps build a base for the children.
    Thanks for a first gentle comment. I've recently transferred.
  • VaulkVaulk 790 Pts   -  

    Your honesty and candor are inspiring to say the least.  I'm Christian, although due to my lack of practice some would say I'm more agnostic, never-the-less I do believe in the fundamental principles of Christianity and while Atheism certainly has its merits I can understand the difficulty in trying to generate morality without a Religious belief.  I'd refer you to a debate I had concerning the addition of "Under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance in which I explain that while the fundamental principles of our Nation are rooted deeply in a belief of God, this doesn't mean that Atheists don't have a place in our Nation.  Believing that there is no such thing as God does not make it impossible or even problematic to understand and respect the principles of our Country, Nation and Society.  Religion can offer moral structure and goodness just as Atheism can offer critical thinking and independent thought.  Some of my greatest friends are Atheists and they are by nature very skeptical, critical in their thinking, logical and some of the most reasonable and rational people I know.  There's much that Atheists can learn from Religious people just as there's much that Religious practitioners can learn from Atheists.

    I would suggest that if you are finding yourself in need of providing a moral code for your Child and you're considering Religion as a method, then you may need to approach this from an Aesop's Fables perspective.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with using the Bible or the examples of the people in the Bible as learning lessons for a Child.  Some of the Morals of the stories in the Bible are very powerful, and as someone who's still very connected to my inner child I can attest that when it comes to fiction vs doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter if you tell your Child that Noah was real, or that it's just a story.  Whether or not you decided to tell your Child that Moses was a real Man who learned who he was and learned the lesson of devotion, loyalty and righteousness...or you decide to tell him that Moses is a won't matter to a young and impressionable mind.  I would advise you to take care with where you take your Child (If you decide to introduce him to worship services), generally Baptist services are very uplifting and Church of Christ services are very traditional and somewhat boring lol.  I would keep my distance from Catholic Churches for many reasons.  But whatever you decide, your honesty in acknowledging that your Child needs Morality is a good sign.  I wish you the best.
    "If there's no such thing as a question then what kind of questions do people ask"?

    "There's going to be a special place in Hell for people who spread lies through the veil of logical fallacies disguised as rational argument".

    "Oh, you don't like my sarcasm?  Well I don't much appreciate your stup!d".

  • ImbsterImbster 149 Pts   -  
    @Vaulk actually I'm not a father :D I just sound old. LxW, 14x5, Area= mental age, Length is my true age. Though because of mental age, I have visions of being a father sometimes.
  • awaketowhereawaketowhere 30 Pts   -  
    Absolutely not in any way does religion help children of any age. I mean jeez god drowned every single one of them in the great flood except for Noah's children. And there are so so so many verses where god clearly hates children and abuses them. Absolutely not, in any way, does religion help children!!! 
  • FredsnephewFredsnephew 330 Pts   -  
    If children are taught to believe in nonsense.
    Then they will grow up believing in nonsense.

  • the_worldthe_world 32 Pts   -  
    I believe it sets up a great foundation for the children at south a young age.
  • ImbsterImbster 149 Pts   -  
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