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Black people are inferior.. That's just so. Therefore, it CAN'T be racist to say so, amirit?

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  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 895 Pts   -  
    @excon. Clearly your being facetious, but an intelligent person would ask how you determined they are inferior?  You can't just state something as fact without any evidence.
  • exconexcon 279 Pts   -   edited September 12
    Clearly your being facetious, but an intelligent person would ask how you determined they are inferior?  You can't just state something as fact without any evidence.
    Hello M:

    Thanks for getting it..  I was worried.  On another website, a fellow published this list as the reasons why he came to the conclusions about black people that he did:

    "The computer you're using was invented by whites, as was the internet and the web.

    So was;-


    The light bulb,





    The telephone,

    The camera,

    The internal combustion engine,

    The diesel engine,

    The jet engine,

    The aeroplane,

    Space going rockets,

    The locomotive,

    The automobile,


    Most life-saving and pain relieving drugs, including the anti-covid-19 vaccines, which the African Bongos want free of charge from the white nations.

    Surgical operating techniques,


    High-yield farming techniques.

    The list of the white-man's innovations, discoveries and inventions are endless.

    Is that PROOF, or what?


  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4064 Pts   -  
    It is not racist to state facts. Racism is about the attitude, not about the recognition or denial of facts.

    Certainly there are some objective advantages to being white, and some objective advantages to being black. It is slightly easier for white people to fight in a desert during daylight, as it is a bit easier for them to blend with the environment - for the same, it is slightly easier for black people to fight on chernozem. One could say that one race is superior to the other race in some very specific respects such as these.

    Racism is something different: it is the belief that one race is qualitatively superior to another, warranting preferential treatment. Saying that white and Asian people on average have higher IQ than black people is not racist, it is just a statistical fact; concluding from this that black people should not become scientists and that that should be the domain of white people and Asians, on the other hand, is racist.
    Statistics across populations absolutely do not warrant difference in treatment of those populations. On average, a white person may be more educated than a black person - but if a white person with a PhD is standing next to a black person with a PhD, there is no reason to automatically assume that the former is more educated than the latter. Even if 99.99999% white people had PhDs and 0.00001% black people had PhDs, you would still be dealing with specific individuals at the end of the day, and these statistics should not be a factor in how you treat them.

    The problem nowadays is that people tend to see the group as the fundamental unit, not the individual. The whole "identity politics" stuff is a direct consequence of this. If you are an individualist, like me or any other truly civilized person, then it does not matter to you which groups one can be attributed to: you judge them by their own merit, by their words and actions.
    But if you are a collectivist... oh boy. Then, before even starting your interaction with the individual, you have to identify certain group belongings and develop your judgment of and expectations from this person. And then, depending on what school of thought you follow, you can say, "This is a black person; he must be oppressed and need my support. I should treat him as a knight treats a damsel in distress!", or, "This is a black person; he has no place in our noble community and must go back to Africa". In actuality, you may deal with a multibillionaire in the first case, and with a person who professes your community's ideals more than any other of its members - but the color of your skin does not allow you to be concerned with such details, and you just pull a bunch of stereotypes out of your collectivist box and put the person into that box.
  • exconexcon 279 Pts   -   edited September 14

    Hello May:

    That's a lotta who shot John..  To be clear, is the list racist if it was put together to PROVE the white man is superior?  I'm not suggesting that it does, mind you..  There's a fellow on another website who uses that list to PROVE that black people ARE inferior.  Therefore, he says, it can't be racist to say so, and I'm the real racist. 

    I simply mentioned to him that if your people had just emerged from 400 years of brutal slavery, how many things would you invent..  And, the debate was on....


  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4064 Pts   -  

    A list of facts in itself cannot be racist; an argument made with its use, however, can be. The argument you are referring to seems to suggest that, given that a lot of essential inventions were made by white people, white people are inherently superior to black people - which is a racist argument, and also an illogical one. It would be like saying, "Almost all popular classical musicians were white, so black people cannot play music" - and it only takes one look at the jazz scene to see this conclusion as deeply wrong.

    For various reasons, different civilizations develop on different timescales. European civilization during the medieval era were more advanced than African civilizations, and the gap increased dramatically over the course of centuries afterwards. This does not suggest anything about black people's inability to achieve the same great things that many white-majority civilizations achieved. History happens the way it happens for reasons that are very difficult to discern.

    It would make sense for someone who thinks the same way as the author of the argument you posted to say back in 1940: "Germans and Japanese are just incapable of freedom and prosperity. They will forever bow to nationalistic tyrants, wage pointless wars and live in poverty and misery". And just 20 years later they would have to eat their own tongue. Japanese used to be thought to be technological copy-cats of the West, but look at Japan now: some of the wackiest inventions come from there. 80 years ago it would have been absolutely unimaginable, yet here we are.
  • @MichaelElpers
    intelligent person would ask how you determined they are inferior

    There is no reason to give people who have been rated as lower intelligence a free ride on preserving basic principles as a whole of society.
    To tweak out the question a better state of the union might be. A person compelled by basic principles would ask how the entire group of people who are of the skin color of black held as a united state, group, or collection inferior.
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