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Formal Debating enables anyone to debate online utilizing the Traditional Formal and Lincoln-Douglas debating formats. Through these formats, users can debate online against one opponent in a time-limited and structured debating format. In both Traditional Formal and Lincoln-Douglas online debates, users can choose the time per round for their debate, ranging from Blitz (15 minutes per round) to 48 hours per round, but unlike Traditional Formal's ability to customize the number of rounds (1 to 3), Lincoln-Douglas online debates have a prescribed number of rounds. In order to win these debates, debaters must receive the highest number of votes during the debate voting period (occurs after the last round of DebateIsland Formal online debates). In addition, users can improve their debating and writing skills with the help of our Debra Artifical Intelligence Argument Analytics. Learn more about DebateIsland Formal online debating.
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  •  10     0

    Why is the US government still allowing immigration during a pandemic

    in Immigration

  •  18     0

    T= T X D to the 4th all over M

    in Military

  •  11     0

    Incitement of violence. Double standard in social media?

    in Politics

  •  18     0

    Church of Christ

    in Religion

  •  12     0

    Church of Christ

    in Religion

  •  16     0

    Should the federal government guarantee jobs in the time of Covid-19

    in Philosophy

  •  20     0

    In the United States, the right to beg on public transit systems is a warranted infringement of the

    in United States

  •  216     0

    The united states ought to guarantee federal jobs

    in Economy

  •  19     0

    evolution is false

    in Military

  •  3     0

    Religion Root Etymology:tritheskia lexeme Goetia (thuergy)

    in Military

  •  9     0

    The TRUTH about Religion

    in Military

  •  43     0

    Tech giants are monopolies that should be disbanded. Specifically Amazon, Google (Longer)

    in Technology

  •  10     0

    Should there be UBI?

    in Politics

  •  14     0

    Jesus is God undeniable proof

    in General

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