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  •  3     0

    Brooklyn 9-9 or The Big Bang Theory or Friends?

    in TV SHOWS

  •  12     0

    Is there such thing as YOUR truth?

    in Politics

  •  15     0

    Nokia 3310 vs Iphone 11 which is better?

    in Technology

  •  13     1

    Why you should believe in a religion by a atheist

    in Religion

  •  14     0

    fraud: the basic means of survival

    in General

  •  31     0

    Makeup: all women are literally unnattractive

    in History

  •  77     3


    in Politics

  •  6     0

    Abortion is Murder

    in Education

  •  36     0

    God ( Jesus Christ) formalish debate

    in Education

  •  6     0

    There is no such thing as an allergy

    in Science

  •  14     0

    Are we letting technology rule our lives mentally.,morally and spiritually

    in United States

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