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It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! is the largest online debate website globally by activity where anyone can anonymously and easily debate online, casually or formally, while connecting with their friends and others. Users, regardless of debating skill level, can civilly debate just about anything online in a text-based online debate website that supports five easy-to-use and fun debating formats ranging from Casual, to Formalish, to Lincoln-Douglas Formal. In addition, people can improve their debating skills with the help of revolutionary artificial intelligence-powered technology on our debate website. DebateIsland is totally free and provides the best online debate experience of any debate website.

Formalish Debating's Formalish debating is a unique multi-user debate format open to all in a multi-round timed debate, followed by a voting period. The debate creator specifies a topic and ground rules, as well as selecting the number of rounds (1 round - 3 rounds) and the time per round (ranging from the exclusive 15 minutes “Blitz” to 48 hours). Debaters take turns posting arguments and their stated position (for or against), as they're only allowed to post one argument per round and must participate in the prior round in order to advance to the subsequent round. When the last round ends, anyone can vote using a 9 point voting and explanation system tyo determine the winner of the debate. In addition, users can improve their debating and writing skills with the help of our Debra Artifical Intelligence Argument Analytics.
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  •  5     0

    Arrogance, Self-Identity, Confidence & Lack of

    in General

  •  15     0

    The Latin America Debate

    in General

  •  12     0

    Solar vs Wind Energy?

    in Science

  •  113     12

    Does God exist

    in Religion

  •  8     0

    Should Artificial intelligence have civil right

    in Technology

  •  16     0

    satan is allah. Proof.

    in Military

  •  17     0

    satans a pussie

    in Military

  •  18     0

    Is Donald John Trump an ugly racist bigot?

    in Politics

  •  24     0

    What are some examples of the anti Religious standards?

    in Religion

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