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    Is the re-incarnation of Professor Irwin Corey with us??

    in TV SHOWS

  •   0

    Why God?

    in Religion

  •   1

    what will happen?

    in General

  •   3


    in Global

  •   0

    Would libs put MAGA into ovens if Nancy Pelosi told 'em to? Ok, how about Chuck Schumer?

    in Global

  •   0

    Would MAGA put the libs in ovens if Trump told 'em to?

    in Global

  •   0

    Is it time to Move On?

    in Religion

  •   0

    How Loving Is God?

    in Religion

  •   129       Top Debate

    The USA does not have a rape culture. change my mind

    in Politics

    Persuaded ✓

  •   39

    Should I Apologize......

    in Religion

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