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  •  180     0

    Should America Take Action Against Russia?

    in General

  •  154     0

    Is Trump's VP going to be good at his job?

    in General

  •  217     0

    Jet Blue v.s. Virgin America

    in General

  •  153     0

    Should Drone Strikes Be Continued?

    in General

  •  161     0

    Should Transgender people should use the bathroom that they are assigned on their birth certificate?

    in General

  •  173     0

    Should foreign policy be changed in the USA?

    in United States

  •  181     0

    North Carolina no longer considered a democracy: Should the federal government take it over? 

    in General

  •  230     0

    Donald Trump calls for nuclear arms race: Is nuclear holocaust around the corner? 

    in Politics

  •  122     0

    Kellyanne Conway to be top ranking Trump official: Does she have the temperament for the job?

    in General

  •  132     0

    Rockettes don't want to perform at inauguration: Should the individual performers have a choice?

    in General

  •  147     0

    Prince Charles compares Trump to the 1930s: Is this a fair comparison?

    in General

  •  152     0

    Trump spouts about nuclear weapons: Is Trump fit to control nuclear weapons?

    in General

  •  143     0

    Is dell better than HP or vice versa?

    in Technology

  •  159     0

    Is the house of rep. Going to come Trump down?

    in General

  •  608     1

    LG Tv V.S. Samsung Tv

    in General

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