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  • Are there only two genders/sexes?


    This isn't how debate works.  We don't get to make conclusions with premises based on statistics without having to justify them upon request.  If someone determines that your information is credible and doesn't ask for it...fine...this is a casual debate site and it happens quite frequently.  That said, if someone DOES ask for sources or asks where you're getting your information CANNOT under ANY circumstances justify your claims by saying that you don't have time to cite them and that the burden of proof lies with someone else to disprove your statistics.

    You sir are out of line and are not adhering to the debating method.  I suppose you're entitled to do that but we are equally entitled to ignore those who debate irrationally and without respect to the method.
  • Are there only two genders/sexes?

    TheShaun said:
    Everything I've stated is based on either statistics, psychology, or sociology. If you doubt any of my statements then you are free to search for information that confirms them. I spent decades accumulating the information and I do not have hours of free time to look up everything again for you. Also, in order to avoid any bias, manipulated, or false information, I always suggest people do their own research.
    1) That's not how debate works. To ask me to do the research required to justify your position is absurd to the absolute extreme. They are your assertions, they presumably are backed by material you've read on the matter, and as of now, they stand solely as assertions without support. It's not up to me to do extensive research on the matter until I come around to your opinion on the matter, it's up to you to convince me that you're right. If you don't want to take the time to do so, that's up to you, but it leaves your argument as little more than a set of claims.

    2) If you spent decades accumulating this information, it shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to dig up one or two sources that support your assertions. We have this thing called the Internet with these things called search engines that provide meaningful access to a variety of research. That's how I've found my sources, and even if your sources aren't immediately available in full online, you should be able to find excerpts or at least quotes that support your arguments. I've taken the time to research my position and present to you the research I've used because it matters to me that you know where my views are coming from. You might view those as biased, but at least they're separate from personal anecdotes. At least they're verifiable in some other form than assertion. If you feel it's not worth the time, then why are you bothering engaging in this debate at all? Why bother spending any time engaging in a debate if you're not going to do the bare minimum when it comes to trying to convince others that you are right?

    3) You suggest I do my own research. I've presented you with 4 polls from entirely separate sources supporting a different view from the one you're presenting. They all contradict your claim. What I've read previously on this matter is consistent with these. If you're correct that decades of information are out there that readily support your position, why am I coming up with a litany of data that disagrees with you? Based on my own research that you're encouraging me to do, you're wrong. And if your response to all this is to say that it's all biased, then that's all the more reason to a) explain why they're biased and counter the information in my sources, and b) present your own unbiased (obviously) sources. You're not helping your case by encouraging me to research it.
  • Royal wedding debate

    it's a major event for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to get married, with most of the World watching.
    Will Meghan Markle really get "accepted " into the Royal family and by British people, due to her race and acting career?

  • Israel or Palestine?

    Ampersand said:

    This is rather bizarre. You seem to be claiming the ability to read the mind of tens of thousands of protesters and rather than them being aggrieved and protesting about the US's de facto support for Israel's continued occupation, war crime and human rights abuses - they are instead all part of a sinister cabal that cares nothing but for killing Israelis. Ironically that's exactly the kind of claim that anti-semites tend to throw around against Jews - that they're all part of a sinister Cabal (ala the Elder Protocols of Zion) and delight in hurting others (Blood Libel). Why do you think these atrocious, specious and completely baseless claims should be acceptable when they wouldn't be if the ball was on the other foot?
    The protesters were/are a rent-a-mob.  They're just doing what they are being paid to do.

    Thousands of Gaza Hamas Thugs Attack Israel for $100 a Day
  • I Should Stop Working and Go on Welfare

    Please do! I could use the help.
  • Trump supporters: What are you going to do if/when Trump is impeached?

    Sonofason said:
    I would say anyone who is attempting to depose Trump from office.  Maybe it's just a handful of people, and if would be over quick.
    Why do they deserve to die in a war? If Trump gets impeached lawfully and constitutionally, why would there be a war?

  • Resolved: It was net beneficial for the US to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Yeah, there was an issue that's been cropping up with long comment sections like this. I got aaron to fix it. Thanks for the feedback, Varrack. I really appreciate your insights on the given arguments.
  • If you could go back in time, what would you change in world history?

    The burning of the library of Rome and Alexandria.
  • Are humans all the same?

    Fascism said:
    We are not all the same. Each race is best suited to its own land origin. 

    Africans are best suited to living in Africa. 
    Europeans are best suited to living in Europe. 
    And so on. 

    Who do you think are the "best suited" to living in the U.S.A.
  • Resolved: It was net beneficial for the US to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Will vote after reading

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