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Plethora of evidence for a globe?

Opening Argument

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images from nasa (americans)

Red bull :


Russians :

Canadians - Canadarm 

Europeans : -  Rossetta

Indians : 

Chinese : 

Nasa is reliable because of the predictive power and multiple verification and confirmations of other nations.

Nasa is reliable since its findings and discoveries have been confirmed by multiple nations like Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Russians, Canadians and even companies like Red Bull.

Moreover, Nasa has absolute predictive power which shows that it is a reliable source of information.

a small list of Nasa's accurate predicitons include :

- Transit of Venus of 2004
- Transit of venus 2012
- Transit of mercury 2003 
- Transit of mercury 2006
- Transit of mercury 2016
- Literally all solar eclipses - Including Total Lunar Eclipse December 21 2010
- Literally all Lunar eclipses -

  1. What shape is the Earth?

    10 votes
    1. Globe
    2. Flat

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