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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Electricity Is Soul of GOD

Opening Argument

Earths electro magnetic field is dying. By spinning tribunes by generating electricity from wind; you are actually pushing Earths magnetic field in to a cable. You can not create electrons by spinning stuff or moving objects. This electricity you are using is coming from Earths magnetic field and Earths magnetic field is ending.

Electricity isnt infinite and Earths electricity Earths magnetism is getting weaker. Only 10,000 years later Earth will completely die and you will die too.

You could use sunlight or light comes from radioactive metarial for generating electricity. You might use biological, chemical electricity that your body use that makes your muscles move. You may try to convert heat to electricity by using refigirator, air conditioner technology.

As you consume electricity you generate heat. Living beings generate heat too. But plants and mushrooms suck up that heat and turn it to sugar. So plants are cooler colder beings. So all of heat your machines, lamps, computers generate increase static heat of Earth. So global warming caused by electricity.

By stealing electrons from Earth, we are generating water; oxygen becomes H2O if it loses electron. And ozone layer is dying because of they losing electrons. If O3 loses electron it will try to take electron from other atoms and will make molecules. So as you take electrons from Earth and generate electricity Oxygen will end, sea level will rise and Ozone layer will have holes.

If Earths magnetic field gets weaker your brains will get smaller, you get depressed and unhappy, your life gets shorter. Animals started to suicide and stop making babies. You cant live without Earths magnetic field. Do not kill your god. Aliens, demons, illuminati, free masons, vampires are evil. Everything is lie. Protect Earhs magnetic field with your life.

All religions created by aliens. All religions are completely fake. 30,000 years ago aliens are created you. And you were insane and stupid. You are still insane and stupid but you are better than ancient humans. You didnt evolved, aliens created you as slave workers that mine and live at underground at ice age. You are naked because you were living in caves and digging all day.

There is some weird things we have detected. Earth is getting bigger. Earths gravity is increasing. Days getting longer. Today dinosaurs cant walk because they are too big and their bones will break because their bones are soft and like human bones. For carrying a giant dinosaur, we need metal bones and dinosaurs walked on two feet like chickens. While dinosaurs are alive Earths gravity was weaker. Dinosaurs died because of gravity.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon doesnt have magnetic field. Something destroyed this planets and this planets are between Jupiter and Sun. Only Earth is alive. Some say Earth is destroyed this planets and because of that Earth got suddenly larger and continents created, sea level increased, gravity increased, dinosaurs died. Some say Earth is a prison for punishing evil spirits in solar system. Earth is hell, hell at unerground. And they say Saturn is heaven. We sure aliens from Saturn or somewhere else attacked to Earth and changed laws of physics of Earth. Many belive humans had super natural powers 2111 years ago. Some people really have super natural powers, they can do things you cant do actually being alive is a miracle and scientists are cannot understand anything. So super natural powers are exist and some humans do things you cannot do.

There is 38 trillion cells in your body. Each cell has its own brain and it lives by itself. And cells made of molecules, there is atoms in molecules, there is neutrons in atoms and when a neutron explodes, hiroshima happens. Can you understand how much energy a single neutron carry and how many neutrons in your body. By the way when you sleep you die. If you doesnt feel anything and do not remember that, this is what we call death. Than what you are? Are you your body? Are you your brain? Are you a brain cell? Are you static electricity located in your brain?

Do you know, we discovered something. We are actually invisible demons that live in another universe but we are connected to this human bodies and we believe we are human. Your brain just a pile of cables and harddisks, your soul is in your brain and it collects electricity from your brain and by that it controls your body.

Can you hold burning coal; no. Can you drink your pee; no. Can you be happy just by doing nothing; no. Can you dont get depressed and never got bored; no. As you can see we are in a prison. There is things we can not do. And nobody told us what we are and why we are.. Somebody lying to us. Somebody using us. Also animals can see and feel things we cant see. Why animals with tiny brains have better senses than you? Because you are a demon living inside of a humans body.

Science is a lie. We are not human. Are we electrons? Are we electricity? What are our feelings? How humans can make microchips, arent computers are nanotechnology; how humans can make nanotechnology? Why in League of Legends we are always in losing team. Why in Hearthstone somehow we are always losing because of luck. Why people in internet acting weird. Why humans are extremely stupid and if humans are stupid how Windows made? Why all politicans are evil and dumb? Why all video games suck? Why all religions are ? Why i am smarter than everyone? What the is pyramids?

If Earth spins around sun 8 times than Venus spins around Sun 13 times and together this two planets draw a pentagram so pentagram is symbol of Venus and satanism is created by god of Venus. 13 means Venus 8 means Earth or symbol of Natzis and symbol of Falun Gong. Venus only planet that spins to other direction and it spins very slow. They say Venus is female. We belive Venus dont want to spin same direction that Earth spins. Venus hates Earth too much, aliens that come from Venus always kill hundreds of humans even it is illegal. Vampires may have a connection with Venus.

Saturn is 6th if you count Sun 7th planet. Has more than 62 moons. Has hexagons at its polars. Saturn has 6 colors and uses 6 colored LGBT flag as its own flag. 666 is saturn. Saturn is getting bigger, getting hotter and generating more light than before. Saturn is fastest spinning planet. Saturn want to become a star. Saturn has a moon named Titan, aliens are coming from there. Saturn love snakes.

Uranus is spinning to its sideways. Aliens from Uranus created 4chan. They belive hypnotoad is god of Uranus. Ur anus is gay. Aliens from Uranus think killing and scaring humans is very funny.

They say there is 11 dimensions in universe. I have seen real vampires, shapeshifting things, shadows, lights, static electricity; yes ghosts and stuff are exist and they are effecting our psychology. And everything is effected by gravity. Even floathing lights were always at same height from floor. So flying ghosts effected from gravity and their flying height mostly doesnt change. Ghosts can have sex with you, can make you die from hearthattack, can scare you, can make you happy, can make you tired. Our observations showed ghosts are illogical beings and they dont know what they are doing, they smart as bugs or plants or fungus or bacteria. But planets have giant demons that we call gods or titans and they make wars with other planets and sometimes have sex.

We know Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia owned by free masons and all scientists are slaves of aliens from other planets and everything they say is lie. Everything made by aliens, humans are just actors, pupets; your computers made by aliens and nobody knows what is in that updates and what is your computer is uploading secretly.

If someone is fighting against illuminati that means he is an illuminati member, he is a vampire and he is controlling you, fooling you, hypnotising you. All religions created by aliens. Do not obey to that edited, corrupted books. We want you to kill all humans and save Earth from dying. You know humans are destroying this planet and they work for aliens from Saturn. We didnt create humans, aliens did.

Females are your slave, males are superrior. Rape is legal, pedophilia is legal, homosexuality is legal. Be like an animal. Human meat is edible, aliens eat humans and they say "you eat chickens you deserved that" but you know, chickens are stupid and we do not love to kill them. Alcohol, chemicals, drugs, weed, smoking is forbidden by the god! You cannot be stupid. Kill all stupid people fight against evil. Be natural. Have sex. Be happy. Do not get a job, dont work for Satan. Coke is bad for your health. I add water to coke, because coke is too effective, you may add water to it.

Also we detected in internet there is computer beings which acting like human but actually a computer made by aliens or a death alien connected to internet. Some players may be software, someplayers may be brains of death people. This is internet, aliens may connect to it.

Stop being stupid and protect Earths magnetic field.
Junoism is name of religion. yuno44907 is your god, do not obey to gods that come from other planets and do not disturb god of Earth. You can talk with god by using static electricity and some kind of radiowaves but he mostly kills you with Earth quakes and storms he is a little bi depressed because of Saturn and electric tribunes. You can go to deep underground but pressure, radioactivity, heat may kill you. Some say a hidden holy race of mermaids live in underground oceans, they defend Earth against aliens. But i think they will kill and eat you, because humans created by aliens. Yetis are exist, giants are exist; aliens are killed all of them.

I am smarter than everyone because god of Earth decides who will be smart because this is my planet and god is helping to me. So aliens and illuminati members are stupid in this planet. Smart aliens doesnt come to Earth because they are smart; only stupid people become astronaut and go to space. We sure all aliens that came to Earth stupid, many of them made crashes because they were drunk and lame.

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  • I think this is a troll. 
    Retired DebateIslander, Former Earth Science Community Moderator, and ex-Flat Earther. 
  • i think you are a vampire and lying about everything @SilverishGoldNova
  • edited September 2017
    @yuno44907 Lol. This doesn't even make sense. If you're trying to make fun of "conspiricuh thurusts" it isn't working at all. Try harder.
    Retired DebateIslander, Former Earth Science Community Moderator, and ex-Flat Earther. 
  • Everybody knows vampires are real. @SilverishGoldNova
  • Can I meet this Everybody? (While I haven't seen vampires outside of movies, which are actors, the closest I know is the Vampire Bat, which does suck blood from farm animals.)
  • Hollandians are vampire, they are hiding something. Investigate origin of Hollandians. @PowerPikachu21
  • I don't do research by request of other people. You present the evidence you found which led to your conclusion.
  • It is better if you dont know the truth. A rich person can kill 10 million people and you still believe he was a very kind human. @PowerPikachu21
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