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Las Vegas shooting Sunday October 1 2017
in News

By EvidenceEvidence 613 Pts edited October 2017
Crisis-actors desperately needed in Las Vegas.
Become famous! No previous experience necessary. Make your own story and get noticed on major News Networks like Fox, CBS, Playboy, PBS children's broadcasting, CMT and many more.

Requirements: there was a shooting in Las Vegas, not Los Angeles.
Bullets went toward Mandalay Bay, not McDonalds or "umm, uh that way!"
500 people were injured, not 500,000
The rest you improvise.

claim a dead family member $200
claim to have been shot yourself $150
Real tears while on camera $49.95
Any other claims like: loaded dead people back of my truck, .. hiding under dead bodies for hours, .. looked shooter in the eyes and describe your feelings, .. "I see dead people" etc. $25 Walmart gift card
  1. The whole event was way too obvious

    15 votes
    1. It almost looked real
    2. It was real, I cried, called family and friends. Took enxiety pills

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