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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Flat Earth Theory is false
in Earth Science

The Flat Earth Theory is false.
  1. Is the Flat Earth Theory true?

    13 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No

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  • Round 1 | Position: For
    The evidence for Flat Earth Theory can be disproved.
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    It is true many flat earth proofs show a clear lack of understanding of a current theory's many of which have been basically proven. There are the occasional good argument but they can be countered with some thinking. I am currently making an argument I will return when I finish. 
  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    The full model may be disprovable. It is not a theory to say the earth is flat and motionless. This is provable using the scientific method. I would accept the debate if I had time, but this is something I do in my downtime, which around this time of year I have very little of. 
    Pseudoscience: noun; a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method.

    Scientific method: noun; a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.

  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    Im going to copy and paste links from another debate

    A common "proof" for a globe that I see is "NASA images". For the Earth to be flat, obviously, NASA images have to be faked. And NASA images have been debunked in many ways. 

    Notice here the major discrepancy? We notice the continents shrinking, growing, changing color, etc. 

    And copied and pasted clouds

    We also have NASA directly admitting to faking images

    In this article, we have him directly saying the last real images of the Earth were the moon landings and the blue marble.

    "The last time anyone took a photograph from above low Earth orbit that showed an entire hemisphere (one side of a globe) was in 1972 during Apollo 17."

    When called out for this, globe-Earthers tend to turn to airplane curvature or sometimes, the red bull freefall.

    Since the arguments I post here are only a couple of quick but irrefutable pictures, don't be too hasty to give my opponent conduct points.

    Argument 2. The Chicago Skyline

    It is one of the most compelling arguments that convinced me into a flat Earth. 

    According to the globe model, this should be impossible and Chicago should instead disappear over the horizon but this is not the case. The common explanation is that this is just a mirage, but if you have actually seen a mirage you will know this is not true.

    Argument 3. No curvature

    We are widely told we can see curvature at 35,000 feet. However, there are a number of images showing that this is not the case.

    80K Feet (15.15 Miles): https://i.imgur.com/VyLNeGa.jpg

    4. Flight patterns

    There are many flight patterns that make no sense on a sphere, but they do on a flat earth. First off lets look at antarctica. As we know, these routes do not exist: 

    We are told that we do not go on these routes because it is too cold, and that the planes instruments would freeze, but we are also told that we have gone to places much more frigid than anything expirenced on Earth. So, why shouldn't planes be able to take shorter routes over Antarctica? The "explanation" about planes instruments freezing is more of an excuse than an explanation.

    Then look at this. On a ball earth, during a flight to Johannesburg to Perth, it should be a straight shot over the ocean and we should be able to land for refueling in Mauritus or Madagascar. But instead, most flights will stop in Dubai, Hong Kong, or Malaysia. It should also be a straight shot over the atlantic to go to Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, but many flights instead make a re-feuling in London, which would be impossible on a spherical Earth. 

    5. Proving the geocentric sun.

    This video and afterwards. Oh and theres also an extension to my 80K/121K/317K Feet argument.

    I do NOT expect my opponent to respond to each of these, but to see a response to atleast 1 of them would be nice.
    Retired DebateIslander, Former Earth Science Community Moderator, and ex-Flat Earther. 
  • Round 2 | Position: For

    I am going to try and proove the earth is round.


    First I will counter many flat earther arguments.

    YOU CANNOT USE SOMETHING AS EVIDENCE IF YOU WOULD EXPECT IT IN BOTH A FLAT AND ROUND EARTH MODELS- The earth looks flat. Proves nothing. The sun is 400 times bigger then the moon yet it looks the same size. The sun is also 400 farther away. The moon and sun appear to rotate around the earth. Well I could also tay the earth appears to be rotating. Yes off course the moon appears to have a similar path through the sky. The globe earth model shows that the earth rotates and seen the moon orbits so slowly they appre to have the same

    Olbers paradoxes- Are current model says the unaverse is not inafntly old and large so this proves nothing.

    Airys  falier - This experiment was trying to prove aether. It's failer did not prove the earth is stationary but rather aether does not exist.

    Michelson-Morley and Sagnac experiments- Attempting to prove the diffrence in the speed of light based on the earths motion it failed. But Einstein's theory's suggest the speed of light is always that speed relative to where you are.

    Earth and the stars- Arguing the stars should get closer together when we get closer only shows you don't know how fart the stars really are.

    I am also aware many have trouble believing in gravity because they think it is absurd. That is the problem of that person being un able to comprehend gravity not a good proof.

    Why we see the same side of the moon- The moon is tidally locked a very common thing to see in the unaverse. This means as the moon orbits the earth so does the moon rotate and they cancel out.

    Star patterns- Come on. The stars move around the galaxy's to and the start as so far that the motion of the earth really does not change the stars position in the sky.

    A vacuum cannot exist next to a pressure system- The atmosphere gradually gets thinner and thinner until eventually you have a almost vacuum it does not end abruptly.

    Nothing Can move in space- Newtons third law disagrees. You don't need to push of a physical object to move. How do magnets come together. They are not pushing of anything.

    Midnight summers-


    Image result for map of tilted earth

    You see the right angle line to orbit. If the earth were to make one rotation then that line would make a circle that looks like this.

    Image result for map of the arctic circle

    The globe model says every place within the circle should be able to see a midnight sun. And with atmospheric refraction which I previously explained it is most certainly possible to see the midnight sun at the 65 parallel. I don't think it is hard to figure out why they can observe the midnight sun. One rotation and they always stay to on side of that perpendicular line to orbit meaning they can see the sun even at midnight.

    So why don't people witness the mid night sun in the southern hemisphere?

    Image result for southern arctic circle

    Maybe that is because the southern circle only encloses Antarctica and people don't really live their.


    Heat from the sun: What about the heat from the sun? Why is the hole earth not the same temperature? When light from the sun comes to the equator it gets a head on impact straight through the atmosphere. The light that goes to the poles comes at a side ways angle meaning it covers a grater area and has to go through more atmosphere.

    Image result for diagram of sunlight to equator and poles

    We know sun light going through more atmosphere leeds to less heat because every time the sun sets the heat from the sun decreases and sun sets have sun light coming in at a similar angle. It is like an ongoing sun rise and sun set never getting up over head. This means the suns rays are cooler and the poles don't heat up.


    Many construction projects don't take curvature in to account- Of course. The error would be really small. 1 mile without taking in to account curvature would lead to an error of length of 0.013 millimeters. Some projects do take into account the curvature of the earth. The hadron collider and many bridges.


    Rotating earth misconception explained: Some flat earther turn to arguments about how if the earth where rotating something would happen which it does not. One such argument is that if the earth where rotating the winds would be different. Things on the earth like objects water and air all move with the earth and have it's the same velocity. They move with the earth. We would not expect water or wind to act violently because that would require the direction to be continually changing quiqly. The earth rotates fast but because it is so large and takes around 24 hours to make a full rotation not much gravity is needed to keep us and everything on earth to stay on earth. People only feel something when they accelerate or there is a significant change direction. The earth velocity is pretty much the same and the change in direction is to slow to notice.


    Flight patterns: Flat earthers may use flight patterns as evidence. A lot of their arguments fail because they show a map of a square flat earth, say it makes not sense but it makes sense on a round flat earth. They did not prove the earth is flat but rather were proving the earth is not a square flat earth. If one wants to prove flight patterns don't make sense on a globe earth one must show a map of a GLOBE EARTH. Second many fail to consider wind speed and direction, supplies, weather conditions and how close the flight path is to emergency airports in case on needs to make an emergency landing. Also how accurate is your source? How do you know it is a real flight? Two can play the flight pattern game. Here is a list of flight and their time that does not make sense in a flat earth.


    Light refraction: Many flat earthers turn to the argument that they can observe something that should not be possible on a globe earth because of globe earth curvature. But the truth is it is possible to see farther then you might think you should due to atmospheric refraction. Here is how light refraction works. When light inters a substance that causes it to slow down it bends toward the normal which is a line perpendicular to the line separating the substance and the substance the light came from at the point of entry.

    Image result for light refraction

    When light inters a substance that speeds up light it will bend away from the normal.

    Image result for light refraction away from the normal

    The higher the difference in speeds between substances or a vacuum the bigger the bend. This I why water magnifies things. It is because the light makes the object look closer. You can play with lenses and you would see that is statement holds true. If you can control where your light source is you should be able to see this effect. Now let us apply this to earth. The Earth atmosphere normally gets less dens as you go higher meaning light travels fast the higher you go which means the light bends away from the normal line the higher you go and toward the normal line the lower you go. This means light follows the curvature of the earth sort of. The less dens air above always bends the light away from the normal toward the more dens air which means it bends the light down. But wait the earth is curved so the earth's surface is going lower to just as the light is going down. When there is cold air on the ground and warm or hot air right above the larger difference means the light bends more and you have yourself a mirage. Given the right conditions you can see farther then you would normally be able to. Many many flat earth arguments therefor prove nothing.


    Caroline effect: Hurricanes always rotate counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. This is because of the Caroline effect. The farther you get from the equator the slower you are spinning. Hurricanes always have their wind move with the faster rotating side which is closer to the equator and because the rotate the wind must move agents the slower moving side farther from the equator. This cannot be explained by a rotating flat earth as hurricanes would spin in the same direction. For all you who ask why don't other objects rotate like this it has to really big for the difference to make a difference. Hurricanes are big.


    Solar eclipse explained: Many flat earthers also turn to solar eclipse. They argue that she moons shadow moves from west to east even through the earth rotates from counter clock wise when viewed from above the north pole and the moon orbits the same directions but takes a month to make one full orbit. They argue that the shadow should there for move from east to west. While this may seem at first like a logical conclusion when you think about it its completely logical. If you turn in a light and put your finger in front of it so it has a shadow then wave your finger from side to side then move your finger closer and farther and wave your finger from side you should come to the this conclusion. The closer your finger is to the light source the faster your shadow moves when you move your finger a little. Second we must consider the moon is farther from the center of earth then the surface of the earth which means it moves faster than it may seem at first. Flat earthers who make this argument seem to be assuming the moon is directly on the surface of the earth rotating a lot slower than it does. The moon is farther from the earth meaning it needs to move less to get it's shadow to move fast and it rotates faster than one may first think. Now I will do the math.


    Lunar eclipse: Many flat earth people do a bad job explaining lunar eclipse. What could create such a shadow if not earth? You can also see the shadow is round. If another object was to get in between the earth and moon such an effect as many flat earthers claim to cause, we should be able to observe its effects on the stars. Surly if it can get in between the earth and sun and cause the moon to get dark it would have some effect on the stars.  Yet no effect has been seen on the stars that are around the moon just before the lunar eclipse. This brings me to my next point.


    Full moon: There is a problem with the flat earth theory when considering full moons. The flat earth theory seems to suggest the full moons can only happen in the southern direction.

    Image result for flat earth gif

    We know this is not the case. Just wait for full moons and note their location in the sky. Are they to the North, West, East or South. If the moon is in the norther direction you know something is not right with the flat earth theory. This suggest the only way a full moon can work is if some other light source is lighting up the moon. It would at times need to be under the moon. The problem here is that if it where under the moon it should also illuminate us. If only the top side of it were illuminating and the bottom side matched the sky we should see its effect on the starts which we DON'T. We also see shadows in the moon creators which shows us the light is not coming from the moon itself and yes reflectors can be a sphere. Anything that reflects light can be considered a reflector which would make everything you see that does not produce light a reflector.


    Seasons: Flat earthers often do a bad job explaining seasons. A common explanation I receive for seasons from a flat earther is that during June the sun goes in a small orbit around the North pole and when it is December the sun goes on a large orbit being closer to the south pole.

    Image result for how do flat earthers explain day and night

    While this may sound reasonable at first it fall apart when you consider the months of December.

    Image result for accurate representation of flat earth and sunlight

    Look at December. In order to cover all the area we know the sun covers the sun light needs to loop around the entire earth and leave a dark spot. Some flat earthers may say light bends like this because of the temperature. It does not explain why the light goes farther in the cold air of the south pole compared to the cold air of the north pole. Light travels faster in warmer air. Why does the light go farther in the colder air. In a globe earth this is easily explained as the sun always cavers half of the earth and the earths titled axes as it rotates the sun explains seasons.


    Tides: Tides are in the globe earth model dependent on the moon and sun. Scene the moon has around twice the impact on tides the sun only weakens or strengthens the tides.  It does not cause its own tides. Some flat earthers may argue the earth is way more massive and should attacked the water. It does. This does not mean the water should be totally leved. Record the tides for some time and you should see a pattern. When the moon, sun and earth are near aliment the tides get strong and the tides are weakest when the moon, earth and sun create a around 90 angle. Many flat earthers believe that it is just the rising and falling of the earth under the water. However there is no evidence this is possible and plenty of evidence the earth does not move up and down. Flat earthers may also argue that some bodies of water like lakes and inland body's don't have tides. The moon is not going to pull the water out of the lakes to cause tides. Only water that wraps around the earth normally have tides. This is because water from the place without the gravity of the moon pulling it up and move toward under the moon or to the opposite side of the earth. No water is pulled of the lakes and oceans but rather the water relocates from the ocean but there is no water to relocate on an inland body of water.

    I am still working on my argument. But I wanted to post it on the second round.

  • Round 3 | Position: For
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