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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Should Cell Phones be Allowed during class?

Opening Argument

PoguePogue 492 Pts
Do not know what to put
  1. Should cell phones be allowed during class?

    13 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Majority of time
    4. Not often
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  • Cell phones should not be allowed during class, because it may not contribute to teaching.
  • Cell phone is a distraction.  If cell phones are allowed then it would interfere with students paying attention
  • Cell phones should be in class for educational purposes. It could be used for like lets say quizlet. It should not be used in free time because you won't know what that child is doing.
  • A cell phone is first a "phone". Meant for communicating. It can be on your person, but not used. This... in case of emergencies.  But, should only be used for such. 
  • I am not sure what to vote on in the poll, but my opinion is that phones are in fact personal property that you have say over.However, you are standing in another property that is likely not your own, so you are also subject to local rules. Phones I would say need to be readily available in the case of emergency. Having it "not visible" is likely a smart suggestion. Anything can become a distraction to the class really, and phones are just one of them. But both in high school and college, phones are actually necessary for certain things. As people do not usually bring laptops to middle or high school, they bring phones as they are much more portable. So, the teacher can enhance the college level experience by telling kids to quickly do research online, without making it necessary to go all the way to the library or taking out a laptop cart that may or may not exist. Some schools I have doubts even have enough computers or any computers at all. Yet phones are cheaper, nearly ubiquitous, and do very similar tasks as a computer. So if it's an available tool, why not use it? In college and work outside of high school anyways, it's basically expected to have a personal means of electronic communications/resources just as it is expected to bring your own pens, buy your own books, or provide your own transit. It does get younger people a bit more use to a real world experience to use phones a few times in class so having them ready to go whether for activities, emergencies, etc is quite nice. I think I will vote on the poll "most of the time," as I do not think phones should be relied on so often, but rather once in a while at least if needed. 
  • @yucktheduck What??? NOT during free time? Isn't that a personal choice? Let me tell ya, it won't work. Saying no to phones during free time????? NOPE! You underestimate students. As they are WAY too crafty NOT to use during free time and believe me, they will find ways. In high school until senior years, I'd say 95% of the school had some sort of cell phone, yet I did not. My parents took away my cell phone back in middle school for not being truthful about something my sister did. They never gave it back, got me a plan, etc. While they were toting around the newest iphone with ridiculously overpriced data plans (Verizon, ATT), I was fortunate enough to get smart about electronics because my dad long ago actually had encouraged it. It was too late to drain my knowledge.  I made my first Facebook page Sophmore year when somebody finally convinced me to. When the librarian was not looking, there was a website this guy showed me (that taught me a bit about SSL and proxy in the end) called, which allowed bypassing of school site blocking, mostly anonymously, and I checked back on Facebook through the school computers since then when possible since also, there was no allowed internet at home. A Mercedez. A BMW. But no, no internet.... anyways,not only did I learn about proxy to access Facebook so I could finally be a bit social online, but I also started discovering music both with those computers through internet radio and youtube, as well as the FM radio that came with the alarm my parents had bought me. (again, they were none too pleased about it coming with radio, but what could they do?) Music was an amazing influence on me. And, in classes with computers, I was allowed to listen to music while working sometimes. I also remember I got TWO pairs of HEADPHONES for my bday. One from my sis and one from my parents. Pointless of course since about all I could plug it into was my laptop, meaning I'd be stuck with headphones only at home. I decided NO. I CANNOT let this happen! I wanted a PERSONAL DEVICE of SOME variety for ONCE! So, I went to a Radioshack one day while at the mall with my sister who had the receipt. I returned her pair and with a bit of extra money borrowed from her, bought myself an mp3, or really an mp4, considering it could play vids and stuff. I consider it a sneaky, yet great achievement my parents NEVER thought could come. They looked quite glum to see me now with a personal pocket electronic device, my first in 2-3 years.This was junior year though. Now, I could not COMMUNICATE with this mp4, BUT, I was able to download a LOT of music onto it and the music like I said, was a VERY significant influence. I am also grateful I made use of school computers abusively in ways, but I was left with little choice.But after that mp4, I was able to happily listen to music and not stare into space when others got onto their phones. Also, I could watch vids too as well as access basic radio anytime. Senior year, a friend who I still talk to today went ahead and gave me his old phone. I was pretty loyal to him despite others not always so much so. He also was a bit cold sometimes, moody, openly gay af, but having complete tolerance for that, as you can see, payed off. Years later, despite barely fitting into my car, I made two trips to his place, hazard lights on the whole way to bring him my bed and help him build it. It was a nice bed and he likely got a pretty good deal for it.But anyways, it was a great moment. A smartphone. For the first time. Senior year 2014. (and actually LITERALLY around this time of March) I GOT A SMART PHONE!! SO, of course, my mp4 player went to my sister. She earned it anyways for her help. I was THRILLED! It was a older model LG but so? IT WAS A SMART PHONE! FINALLY! Now of course, I was left without a data plan. BUT, given my technical know how, I was able to use wifi where I could and apps helped me to text and call for free. Even after my job I started after high school, it took MONTHS for that same friend who gave me that phone to convince me to FINALLY get a data plan. I went with him to the mall and got hooked up with the 50$ unlimited plan from MetroPCS so I would not ever have to worry about data usage EVER! Later on when I moved in with a roommate, we had no home wifi. BUT AGAIN, my tech know how SAVED THE DAY! I was able to buy an app known as Foxfi that I LOVE! MetroPCS is honestly underrated in my experience, as not only was it unlimited, but it came with 15 gbs of hotspot data! Though, I wanted to do more than just 10 gbs, ya know, for school and stuff. So, I used this app to transfer my unlimited data to my laptop through a USB cable! So now you see, despite quite hard limitations, I got around problems eventually! Even got my sister her own personal electronic too! Which made her happy until she too got a hand me down smartphone that she was happy with as well. I even ended up buying a phone for her for her bday. We both ended up happy at least in some way! Point is, electronics are dear to me as they should be to others. Without me having the know how to use them all, I'm not sure if I would have ever, say, gotten my job, kept in contact with my gf, made other friends as easy, and do certain schooling stuff. You see how much, how so dispicably hard my parents tried to keep electronics/internet out of my grasp?? BUT! Who WON? I now know MORE than the average person about a device, namely a smartphone, I got years after everyone else! Thanks to my parents severly trying to put limits on me, I went to the opposite end with NO limits. Remember my data plan? UNLIMITED! My hotspot both with my roommate and later on with others in a school where I was one of the ONLY ones who could go online with my laptop? UNLIMITED! I made sure to get the UNLIMITED plans! UNLIMITED data meaning UNLIMITED resources aka the internet which opened my world to so much that I am so grateful for! Learning point! Limits are fine, but when you try to control to much, rebellion MUST be expected! I may have been called over time a rebel, delusional, confused, full of fallacies, weird, etc, but WHO may I ask accomplished ALL of this? ME! All those people that called me that were likely NEVER ones to deal with communicative limitations like me! I figured out resources! And. I. USED them! Loudly and proud! Broke through limitations and made myself freer than I was for YEARS! And guess what my likely major will be? COMMUNICATIONS! No not cause I want a simple degree, but as shown, it was so LIMITED my communicative abilities that now I want the OPPOSITE and be the most communicably clear person I can be! 
  • Teacher lessons are almost never receptive to using cell phones. As a result, students in class using phones are almost never completing schoolwork. Allowing phones creates an unnecessary distraction that prevents learning.
  • averyaproaveryapro 124 Pts
    I think that they should be allowed. I think they should be allowed to have in class but I don't think you should use them unless it's necessary. If there is a lockdown or a fire I would want to let my family and friends know what's going on especially in the event of a lockdown I want to have my phone. 
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