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illegal immigration debate
in Immigration

By agsragsr 818 Pts

illegal immigration debate

This debate Intensified in the United States since Donald Trump became President. There are estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US, and controversy around the inflow and outflow of that population is at an all time high.

 On DebateIsland, there is a dedicated section on immigration at

The most popular topic has been if the wall should be build.
There are good resources on this topic of illegal immigration at

The big 2 topics part of the debate include
1) the wall
2) deportations

There is also a lot of confusion if those supporting anti-illegal immigration are racists or act anti-humane. Many of the proponents of deportations clarify that they are not against immigration, but against illegal immigration.

  1. Illegal immigration debate - what side are you on?

    26 votes
    1. I support anti-illegal immigration measures (build the wall, deport illegal immigrants)
    2. I am against anti-illegal immigration measures (no wall, no deportations)
    3. I am partially supportive
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