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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

The_Donald, too censored or not enough?

Opening Argument


Reddit The_Donald, a sub reddit dedicated to Trump supporters is full of controversy.

Is Reddit discriminating against Trump supporters on The_Donald?
Is The_Donald a safe harbor for right wing extremists?
Is Reddit censoring The_Donald too much?
Is the_Donald a good forum for Trump supporters?
Are The_Donald users now targeted because Trump approved the law that allows broadcast companies sell user data?

My personal user experience with The_Donald has been mixed. I tried to post a few things and it never got accepted, even though my comments were generally pro-Trump.  Maybe there were not pro-Trump enough?  

Now for the The_Donald debate, is Reddit The_Donald too censored?
Pro: Yes, it is censored too much and doesn't enable two side views for a good discussion.  It is just pink-colored glasses for Trump administration.
Con: No, the_Donald needs to censor to protect themselves against attacks by liberals

Is Reddit discriminating against Trump supporters on The_Donald?

Reddit defends against accusations of ad fraud and Trump censorship came under fresh fire today for allegedly discriminating against users of the pro-Trump section of the site called /r/The_Donald. Critics accused Reddit of under-reporting how many "subscribers" the section has while telling advertisers that the section has a much higher number of users. 
But Reddit tells Fox News that the flap was caused by a simple labelling error that Reddit made when it rolled out a new system for advertisers Thursday.  

Rspolitics, the site that published the post, got attacked with a DDOS and is currently down, is that revenge from Reddit or liberals?

Developing: Millions of Active Pro-Trump Redditors Concealed By Site - RS Politics › technology
 Right Side Politics suffered a MASSIVE DDOS attack which started at approximately 11:33 AM EST.

Social media site Reddit censors Trump supporters

Huffman announced that due to some “toxic” users, he would begin to censor all posts in a pro-Trump section of the site (called “r/The_Donald”) by limiting the ability of posts there to reach what many consider the “front page” of Reddit – where the posts get seen by a wider audience.

Reddit’s ‘The Donald’ breaks with Trump over his support for killing internet privacy rules

Members of Reddit‘s r/The_Donald—a community known for its exaggerated support for all things Trump—is tearing at the seams over the president’s support for legislation that kills Federal Communications Commission privacy rules that would have prevented internet providers from selling a vast array of personal information.

So the irony is that many of Reddit Trump supporters (the_Donald) value privacy, and anonymously participate in Reddit to make sure their voice is heard, but Trump, the very person they are so enthusiastically supporting, just back stabbed them with supporting discontinuation of legislation that protects their privacy.

Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart

For the past 11 years, an eternity in internet time, Reddit has touted itself—repeatedly, and loudly—as the place to have “authentic conversations” online. For a variety of reasons, that sentiment has always rang hollow. Now, Reddit, in its goal to be a laissez-faire haven of (relatively) free expression, has been overrun by nationalist trolls. Its staff of volunteer moderators is losing hope in the site’s future.

‘r/The_Donald’ — Reddit’s Delusional Cesspool of Trump Fanaticism

Having been on Reddit for more than a few years now, I’ve watched a lot go down on the self-described ‘front page of the internet’. While I wasn’t there for the legendary banning of r/jailbait, the borderline child-porn subreddit, I was around to witness the ill-advised crowdsourced vigilantism that led the hive-mind to falsely accuse a missing student of being the Boston bomber. I also thought it was interesting when Reddit, one of the top twenty-five most popular sites on the web, recently banned six white-supremacist subreddits that had been attracting a lot of negative attention for quite a while.

  1. The_Donald, too censored or not enough?

    8 votes
    1. The_Donald, too censored
    2. The_Donald, not censored enough

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  • inc4tinc4t 162 Pts
    Reddit CEO vs. r/The_Donald - The end of Spez?

  • I think that he is at a pretty good point right now and doesn't need to lean more either way, due to the media coming back at him.
  • agsragsr 812 Pts
    I just shared my views on Reddit Politics moderation ineffectiveness on related debate.

    Reddit politics is a large community with many sub reddits, each with a variation of moderation rules that mostly don't work well.  The rules are so complex and try to compensate for inefficiency of the underlying model.  Reddit Politics hasn't figure out a moderation model that just works, like DebateIsland. 

    If you think about design of an IPhone, the reason why it became so successful vs Windows devices is because Apple opted for elegance of user experience that just works vs complex features that target DYI users.  A similar analogy applies to Reddit Politics, they offer complex moderation rules but ultimately it's over designed and creates lots of issues.  

     The_Donald is a pink lenses world of "Trump is great", and the rest of Reddit Politics is anti-Trump.

    Reddit politics should think about relying more on user self moderation, having Reddit Politics users flag out of line content and having moderators act on these warnings.   Also the issue of relying so much on upvoting to determine best content is too one-sided and creates a bias in cases of one-sided political supporters flood the system.  I am not suggesting that Reddit politics stops relying on user upvoting, but just not as the only measure of relevance.
    Given popularity of Reddit Politics, resolving the issue of dominance by anti-Trump redditors is challenging to solve.  For now Reddit Politics essentially decided to gate off Trump supporters into a gated community of The_Donald and is not willing to do much else about bias against Trump in the other Reddit politics subs.  I hope that changes at some point, but if not DebateIsland is a great place to debate politics.

    Live Long and Prosper
  • Certain things should be censored, but others shouldn't be.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Since Trump supporters get attacked everywhere else on Reddit, There is no choice for Reddit but to censor TheDonald sub reddit.  The situation with under-reporting stats though for The_Donald subscribers is  bizarre.
  • ale5ale5 225 Pts
    The_Donald Reddit is way to censored. Here is a practical example. Today one of the hottest posts on Reddit overall is this post from The_Donald,

    Since nobody can say anything negative in the Donald Reddit, it is just showing pure Trump propaganda with No way of rebuttal. Just ridiculous.

    "This is a running list of the promises President Trump made on the campaign trail, and has kept in his 73 days in office, 1/41 of his presidency. Barely any of them have been reported on because of this Russia conspiracy that is swallowing the MSM. He has literally "Done more in 73 days than Obama did in 8 years." This is not only a running list of promises he has kept so far, but also things he has done that weren't even promised on the campaign trail. MAGA. (I will be updating this daily, whenever a new initiative comes to light.)"

    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
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