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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Israeli-Palestinian conflict debate

Opening Argument

there's a LOT to talk about Israel committing genocide? do Jews have a right to that land? are Palestinians committing terrorist attacks? does the media have a bias for/against either one? Were Netanyahu's actions in spreading settlements justified? How can the US intervene, and should it?
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  1. Israel is unfairly occupying land/oppressing Palestinians

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  • I fully support Israel in this conflict. They have full rights to the land and Israel is a great partner to US.  It is critical that US support our key allies in the middle east to help Israel protect themselves against terrorists.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • I completely agree with @whyTrump , I support Israel.
  • Israel is well within their right to fight for their land.  I support Israel side of the debate.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • The US shouldn't get involved, I'm on Isreal side on this one.
  • Israel has done everything right in this case. I would say that if anything Israel and US should take a more aggressive stance with Palestinians.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • I agree with @agsr . He is the best, I came here because of him. Although, the website is amazing too and that's another reason.
  • @meta_capitalin, thank you for your kind words. It is great to have you here.

    regarding Israel, it is difficult to justify Palenestian actions as anything other than terrorist attacks.  The Palestinian claim to the land has no legal basis either.
    if it wouldn't be for Israel, middle east would really become a horrible place (much worse than now).  It is amazing how such a small country is able to develop such a great military, have so many entrepreneurs, and have so many dedicated citizens who truly love their country.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I also agree with the all time leader @agsr . I personally came here because the website is great and the users such as agsr are civil.
  • avivaviv 27 Pts
    I fully support Israel in this conflict. Israel has tried five times to propose peace agreements, but the Palestinians have rejected all of them and have not even tried to propose an agreement of their own. In addition, a Palestinian Authority poll in 2016 reveals that more than 80% of Palestinians do not even want a two-state solution
  • @aviv, Well said.  Israel has been trying to address the conflict, but is in a difficult situation. Palestinians don't really negotiate with a single voice and don't want to stop short of destroying Israel all together.
    Without Israel, the situation in the middle east would drastically deteriorate, and would become a major burden/threat to our country.
    That's why US need to continue to support oir critical ally in the middle east.  
    Live Long and Prosper
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    Are you people serious? Oh yeah, I forgot! It's okay... As long as it doesn't happen to you.Related image
     Children dying? Pshh, Israevil is an ally of America, So it doesn't matter.  People being oppressed? Israevil is in the right of course, They should oppress the people on the stolen land OF those people. 

    Some people on this website are purely heartless.
  • avivaviv 27 Pts
    edited May 2017
    @Logic; first of all, Palestine was an occupied territory of the Ottoman Empire, after World War I the Ottomans lost the territory to Britain and France. In 1947 the UN voted in favor of establishing a Jewish state in the same area. Second, it is the Arabs who attack the Israelis, not the other way around. And thirdly, guess what? When you declare war on someone who is stronger than you, there will be casualties
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @aviv The territory isn't even what matters.  So here you are saying, Oppressing men ,women and children, For an action not done by all, But a minority in palestine, Is okay?  Murdering INNOCENT children, Is okay?  Israel won. I acknowledge that. But think for a second, What if this was happening to your country?  Let's say, Canada decided to attack america, And it's army was stronger [This is hypothetical if you haven't noticed] .  It defeated america. And nearly A DECADE later, American citizens were STILL facing oppression, It's people being slaughtered like cattle as if they weren't human. How would you feel. And for most people, It IS okay, As long as it doesn't happen to them.
  • avivaviv 27 Pts
    @Logic first of all, you said that they stole the land I show you why you are wrong. Second, do you think that IDF soldiers simply walk in the street and shoot Palestinian children? No, the parents of these children send them to stab people on the street and that Causes them to die. Third, again the Arabs who attack, not the other way around. And fourth that is ironic, I live in Israel
  • @Logic, when Innocent people get caught  up in this horrible tragedy that is awful, especially when it impacts children.  That image you included is certainly a sad example of how it brings tragedy to many people lives.
    that said, there were countless examples of innocent victims on both sides who got caught up in this conflict.  Many innocent Israellies were victims of terrorist attacks from the other side.  It is really not about being heartless, but finding a solution that stops blood shed in that region.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @agsr I agree 100%. 
  • It's not so productive to simply take some images and statistics and force the blame for bloodshed onto one side. Yes, statistically, Israel has killed more Palestinians than Palestinians have killed Israelis; but in terms of the entire conflict, how many other countries have sided with Palestine to attack Israel? How many times has Israel gone out of its way to conduct structured terrorist attacks targeting women and children? Not at all, from what I've seen, and if so not to the degree of Palestine. Overall, bloodshed is to be expected in conflicts such as these. It does sound heartless but civilian deaths are casualties of war, and such casualties will always occur if the objective is peace.
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @melanielust One part of your comment made me laugh, Real hard. 
    ''How many times has Israel gone out of its way to conduct structured terrorist attacks targeting women and children?"

    Israelites HATE the people of palestine.  The police are CONSTANTLY abusing the elderly and children. Oh yeah, but since you aren't a child in palastine being abused for the retarded government of you country, It's defineitly okay :P  
    It's only okay, As long as it doesn't happen to you.
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @melanielust The objective is peace? Yeah yeah, Let me abuse some elderly and some children... It's ALL for the sake of peace though.
    Yeah they won the war, But let's keep abusing them for fun.  I mean, They're all sub human right?  What do they know, Just a bunch of animals.  Let's just murder them like cattle. After all, Isn't that what they're worth?
  • @Logic, that is unfair.  You are painting it as a one sided issue.  I wouldn't be surprised of course if many Israel citizens despite Palestinians just as much as many Palestinians despite Israellies.  That is hatry nurtured by generations of both sides.  You are not mentioning all the suicide bombers that kill innocent people and children in Israel?
    I respect your point of view, and the issue is so deep that I doubt there is any practical resolution at this point.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @agsr  What control do the children being abused, Have over the terrorist/terror attacks?  Find the people doing it? But no, Instead we should abuse children, To spark a fire of hate in their hearts. And create more up coming osama bin ladens.
  • @Logic, respectfully I am not sure if the article in newspaper provided is unbiased.  That said, if there are isolated cases where excessive violence is used then it would be wrong.  I am just unsure of credibility of these articles.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @agsr  It's not just articles, You just have to search  israel abusing children: And press images.  It's not something new. And if you support israel, You support child abuse. End of discussion.
  • avivaviv 27 Pts
    @Logic wow just wow You are so brainwashed. First of all, it is predictable that Israel will look who helped the terrorist among the Palestinians after all the terrorist was Muslim. Second, most Israelis do not hate Palestinians, my brother is currently working in a factory with Palestinians. Third, policemen usually don't enter Arab villages and, yes, there are check points that Palestinians have to go through, this is what happens when some Palestinians send their children to stab people on the street. 
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @aviv  When did they send children to stab police? And who's fault is that? The child who doesn't have a mind to think on his own, Or the parent sending his child to death? But they abuse the children instead.
     All terrorists are muslim?

    Just because your brother [One israeli]  doesn't hate the people of palestine, Doesn't mean they all don't.

    I'm brainwashed? No, It's the other way around.  I'm the only one sane in this mad house, Filled with unsympathetic evil trumptards.  
    If i am brainwashed for believing Israel is evil for abusing children, Then i'm proud to call my self a full on lunatic.
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