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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

President Trump is behind the times.
in Politics

By PinoPino 83 Pts edited May 2017
By that I mean President Trump is way behind the times in saying and doing what should have been said and done at least a couple of decades ago.
He's facing up to, and curtailing the bullyboy expansionist tactics of Russia in Europe and China's belligerence in the Pacific rim.
President Trump has delivered a very heavy message to our industrial/military rivals along with  our potential enemies all of whom became emboldened by EX-President Barack 'Inertia' Obama  and his personal creed of 'whatever you do, do nothing',  MESS WITH UNCLE SAM AND THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

Things are happening and the world NOW knows that the United States is no longer going to be ''sucker nation number one'. 
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  • He doesn't use search engines, so that explains it. Although, the repeal replace passed the house, so I live him.
  • LogicLogic 236 Pts
    In world war 3, I'm pretty sure it won't be Russia alone fighting america.
    The Northern Thunder will be in on it, That i'm pretty sure of.  China, Most of the middle east.  I doubt america can win. Trump is playing with fire. 
  • PinoPino 83 Pts
    Hi Logic, I'm not sure that I share your certainty that WW3 is inevitable.
    The U,S.A. most certainly does not want any such war to happen but it's reluctance should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness by a belligerent China and Russia. 
    Under the Obama regime the other two superpowers ''appropriated'' territory such as Russia's annexation of the  Ukraine and China's claim to areas in the China sea which were hitherto regarded as being in international waters.
    The pooh poohing of the opinion of America and it's so called allies was as a direct result of Obama's weak approach to international affairs.
    Now that Trump is at the helm both these bullyboys know that the period of disregarding the United of America is over and there will be consequences if they continue to push their luck.
    America has one very strong and reliable ally in the U.K., which, whilst no longer a superpower is a very formidable force which can be counted on to stand shoulder to shoulder with it's American cousins. 
    France= Forget about it, surrender and ask questions later.
    Germany= No stomach for conflict and they would do well to contain the few million or so of 5th columnist insurgents they have imported from the middle east.
    If any serious conflict did occur the rest of Europe would do what they did in 1939, capitulate.
    The U.S.A, the U.K, Canada, Japan South Korea, the Anzacs would be a sufficient deterrent for any alliance of aggressors. 
    Under President Trump America will regain it's self respect and has already earned the respect of the international community.

  • LogicLogic 236 Pts
    I was with you, Till you said Japan would ally with the U.S. Hiroshima,Nagasaki?  An ally with japan is DEFINITELY, Not going to happen.  Also, Putin has said MANY times, He doesn't want war. And it isn't trump, Trump is just the puppet.
    On the second link, Read that first answer. To understand why Trump, Is no more than a puppet.
  • PinoPino 83 Pts
    America is already allied with Japan in their stance against the unpredictable and deranged North Korean leader Kim jong un.
    WW2 is long since over our one time adversaries of Germany, Japan and Italy are now considered allies.
    China represents a much greater threat to Japan than the U.S, ever will and the Japanese know this. 
    The Japanese are in close liaison with their American allies in their ongoing dispute with the Chinese claim to the Senkaku Islands which Japan has controlled since 1895.
    China declared the entire area around these islands as their sovereign territory and imposed an ''exclusion zone'' in the disputed region.
    At the orders of President Trump America sailed a number of warships through the zone in defiance of China's illegal posturing, much to the delight of the Japanese.
    May I respectfully point out that I feel your argument is somewhat self contradictory insofar that you originally indicated that you assumed WW3 was an inevitability and now you're confirming that none of the superpowers want a war which could, and probably would destroy the entire world.
    Of course no one, apart from the lunatic, a very clever lunatic, but nevertheless a lunatic, Kim jong un, wants a war which no one can win, but the efforts by an expansionist China as well as  an aggressive Russia for dominance in their own geographical areas at the cost of their weaker and more vulnerable neighbours must be quelled. 
    The only language these power crazed nations recognise is opposition from a powerful nation and the U.S.A is the only nation on earth with the military might to make the Russians and Chinese wind their necks in. 
    President Trump has produced a well measured and balanced response to sabre rattling and veiled threats of the world's bullyboy superpowers, both of whom now know not to mess with Uncle Sam. 

  • ale5ale5 227 Pts
    Trump is making a risky move agitating his opponents.  I agree with @Logic that Trump is playing with fire 
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • LogicLogic 236 Pts
    It wasn't contradictory, I said trump is too stupid to want it. It's people like steve bannon, That are controlling trump like a puppet. It's putin that doesn't want war. Also, China could nuke japan a heartbeat.  If China wanted japan off the world map, It would be done. There goes 1 ally. Russia has the entire muslim ummah [nation]  around 1B [considering some are children who can't fight.]  It has 80% of the middle east, And every single imran hossein fan on their side.
    Kim Jong Un is too weak to do anything, Don't mistake him for some all powerful warlord. If America wanted, North korea wouldn't exist as of now. Some people want WW3, The psychos like steve. But the people like putin, do NOT want it.
  • PinoPino 83 Pts
    Hi Logic, I have difficulty in agreeing with you that a billionaire who fought and won the campaign battle to become the President of the United States of America as being too stupid not to know what he's doing, which is pretty much in line with what he said he was going to do prior to his victory.
    Japan does not have a nuclear capability so it relies on the U.S. to provide that cover. This is where the alliance between the two nations comes in.
    May I point out that in your previous post you failed to omit that due Japan's 'SNEAK ATTACK' on Pearl Harbour, the U.S.A  would have good reason not to ally itself with a back shooter. But we are where we are and the ''times they are a changing'. 
    We all have to adapt to, and realign our strategies within a dangerous, highly volatile and ever changing world.
    In some ways this line of debate is a deviation from the main theme as we're presenting arguments/counter-arguments about a scenario which almost certainly will never happen.
    China is pretty much isolated in it's own geographical area and through it's aggressive bullyboy tactics it has made enemies of almost every other nation on the Pacific Rim.
    As and at this point in time the world's two main aggressors need to be 'brought to heel' and shown that they haven't carte blanche to do whatever they wish and if I may repeat myself, the United States is the only nation which the other two bolshie countries respect.
    In all bullying situations it takes a number of parties, the bully and those who let themselves be bullied.
    America has now hoisted it's colours and the bullies have already become more restrained. 

  • PinoPino 83 Pts
    @ale5, Hi there, permit me to state that I feel that you've adopted a somewhat cowardly position by expressing your fear about standing up to blatant aggression may upset the world's bullies.
    When they realise that they're now living in a world with a reinvigorated America the other two superpowers should be worried about not poking a stick at  America and it's allies.
    Given a free reign, as they had under Obama's disastrous era, both China and Russia would become bolder and ever more adventurous.
    That era has come and gone and the bullies recognise the game plan has changed. 

  • LogicLogic 236 Pts
    @Pino  Yes,I am saying trump is stupid.  By literal meaning stupid. 
    He bombed the syrian airbase, BECAUSE HIS DAUGHTER TOLD HIM TO.   He is the epitome of stupidity.  And the only logical explanation as to why he got to be president is either: There are way too many red -necks in america OR It was rigged like hell.  
  • I agree with @logic . Trump is very wel educated, but for some reason lacks the ability to read or write to a high level. He also takes advice from a random counsel for billionaires.
  • LogicLogic 236 Pts
    If you really think China  respects America, You must be ignoring the media.
    For heavens sake, They called him a 'joke'  and a 'clown'  Such respect!
    And putin? He isn't going to stand down to a 'joke'.  Also, I'll say it again, Putin has the nearly the entire middle east on his side. AND China.  And perhaps, India [If they are willing]
  • PinoPino 83 Pts
    Again, with all due respect you're probably the most un-American I've ever communicated with.
    So you feel that because China calls the President of the United States a joke that we should all fall in behind the juvenile name calling antics of a totalitarian dictatorship whose own people are given instructions on how many children to have and have never enjoyed the human rights which we in the west all take for granted.
    ****By calling President Trump a joke they are also insulting the many 10s of millions of American citizens who voted this ''MULTI-BILLIONAIRE '' a joke.
    ****I wish to heck I was as big a joke.
    Gorging beluga caviar and sipping Dom Perignon on my yacht in the mediterranean would indeed be a real laughing matter.
    You seem to be an easily led individual whose loyalties change with whatever direction the wind is blowing.
    You also seem to be of the opinion that any critic, regardless of their credentials,  of President Trump is your friend.
    This outburst graphically illustrates the stupidity of the Chinese leadership as by doing so they're alienating the leader of one of their biggest export markets.
    Russia is viewed with extreme wariness, and for very good reason, by all it's European neighbours and any friends it may have in the middle east would be anuled by our staunch ally in that region, Israel, who thoroughly thrashed their Arab foes on many occasions. 
    As it does seem a futile exercise to debate with someone who is unwilling/incapable of recognizing the irrefutable and self evident truth of the issue I will cease responding to your, 'off topic'' anti-American rhetoric.
    I will of course be delighted to hear from you on other subjects. 
  • LogicLogic 236 Pts
    edited May 2017
    @Pino I have a dual nationality. So i'm not just american. And i'm disgusted at what america has been doing. So you can call me un-american, As much as you wish. 
    I never said the chinese are stupid OR smart. I simply said, lots of people call him stupid. And don't think that because i don't like trump, Means i like hillary. I'm glad trump was elected INSTEAD of hillary. But look what happened after his election   You're kidding yourself if you don't think this in the consequence of trumps election
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