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Private Communities

About Private Communities

DebateIsland.com Private Communites give clubs, schools, etc. a place to Debate using casual, persuade me, Formalish, and Formal (Lincoln-Douglas, Traditional) Debating exclusively for their students. The Moderator/s has full control over their Community. Check out public Communities here.

Why Create A Private Community?

Powerful And Flexible

DebateIsland.com has four Debating formats (Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, Formal - Lincoln-Douglas and Traditional). These amazing formats enhance your students’ ability to Debate and enable them to successfully apply their skills.

Increases Efficiency

DebateIsland.com Private Communities allow your students to practice among their peers and others on the DebateIsland.com platform. Private Communities can be utilized during class, at a meeting, at home, and just about anywhere.


Your student accounts include access to your Private Community and the DebateIsland.com platform. You can fully moderate your Private Community. Moderator/s can post announcements for their community and the experience is customized.

All Debates and arguments in your Private Community are private. You can moderate your Private Community by editing, deleting, sinking, etc. You can also post announcements in your Private Community. Customize the Community picture, description, official page (additional), etc. To add users, simply email us a list of emails or user names after we create your Private Community.

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