Amazon Privacy issues - Is Amazon becoming a Big Brother?

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hmm, with Amazon entering brick and mortar business,now trying to prevent shoppoers from comparison shopping in physical stores, and all of its privacy-concerning devices like Amazon becoming George Orwell Big Brother with nightmare privacy issues emerging?

With alexa on many devices and Amazon exploring to enter a mobile phone business, should we refresh our copy of George Orwell 1984 book?
  1. Amazon Privacy issues - Is Amazon becoming a Big Brother?

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    1. I am concerned about Amazon growing influence as it relates to my privacy
    2. No concerns, let Amazon have my privacy and send me subliminal messages in my sleep :)
    3. I am currently not concerned, but can see how it can become a future concern
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  • No, I'm not concerned. 

    Amazon records only the command you make and sends it over for Alexa to understand and execute. You can delete this command recording and play it back at anytime through the Amazon echo alexa app.
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  • dropoutdropout 37 Pts
    Yes, the information is being held in their servers. This can be used and sold to government agencies and other companies.
  • ErfisflatErfisflat 753 Pts
    For years, we were warned about rfid chip implants, telescreens in 1984, etc. Citizens were in an uproar. No way was this ever going to happen in 'Murica, land of the free. With the advent of the cell phone, none of that is needed. We carry a tracking and recording device willingly, everywhere we go. Camera and mic pointed at our faces nearly all day everyday. 1984 is here.
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  • thereptherep 56 Pts
    @erfisflat , there are many legal obligations companies need to make in order to be sound and not brought to court when it comes to Snowden etc.
  • Amazon is a company that's all about convenience based off of desires that stem from psychological needs...but now that they've bought amazon, they're probably going to try and directly convenience a physical need, which can be potentially dangerous. If they become that one big company that has branches covering every basic aspect of life, then they could have unimaginable influence comparable to big brother. I honestly thought Google would be the one who ended up controlling this much, but maybe not...At any rate right now it's probably too early to make that call. 
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