Is it time to take a sick day for mental health?

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 A woman's tweet about a sick day "to focus on my mental health," and her boss's response, spark discussion about depression on the job.  The article advocates that it's a good idea, but I will argue that most workplaces will not be as understanding and it will likely back fire. Maybe your manager will seem supportive, but itbis likely going to result in passive aggressive behavior from your manager and coworkers.  Just not worth it taking the risk of jeopardizing your career, just take a vacation day or pretend to be sick :)

  1. Is it time to take a sick day for mental health?

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    1. Yes - good idea
    2. No - bad idea
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    I mean you should relax to maintain your mental health once in a while, but mental illnesses are typically lasting illnesses. However, if the whole idea of this to get a mental check up then yeah, definitely should happen

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