Is it fair to post 1 - 2hr long videos as evidence? Is it just a tactic to wear people down?

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I've found that when debating/discussing some subjects, people have a tendency to post long-winded videos as evidence, often an hour or so long. They will often post more than just one video at the same time.
My own opinion is that this is simply a tactic intended to flood you with too much 'evidence' to be able to view in your own precious time. It sits in the same category as Gish-galloping, for me.
I think that if a video does contain a valid point or genuine evidence you should be able to isolate that part and give a timeframe reference for it.
My free time is very limited and I'd be pressed to watch more than 5 minutes of a video.

(I tried to add a third option to the question but can't see how to do it)
  1. Is it reasonable to expect people to watch entire videos more than 10-15 minutes long?

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    1. Yes
    2. no
I don't get a great deal of free time, for this reason there may be long periods between my posts.
Please don't expect me to respond with insults and memes, I don't have time for it.
Please don't expect me to respond to Gish-galloping, I don't have time for it.

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  • NopeNope 158 Pts
    i believe that it is far to post videos more than 15 minutes long as evidence but they should tell you the part in which they find important. Wail I believe they should be able to do so I do not believe you should be expected in any way to watch the entire video. Their should be a arrow pointing down right under the poll. Click it to add more opinions. If it is not their or does not work I don't know what to say. : )
  • It's up to the debaters. I prefer not to argue in that manner. I like to only use evidence for facts and statistics, instead of having the evidence argue for me with argumentative points and reasoning. 
  • There should be an "add option" below the 2nd option for making a poll.

    And I agree it's ludicrous to present hour long videos, even as evidence. I recommend trying to find a website that's trusted. And both sides are allowed to question the validity of sources, but making me watch a movie with "This video will make you understand my point" or anything vague like that makes me reject it, even if it might have information somewhere in there.
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