Will Donald Trump Successfully Deport Illegal Immigrants

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Donald Trump claims that he will deport illegal immigrants, will he keep his very famous promise?
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  • Yes, I think that he will over a period of time, possibly during his term.
  • Yes, I think that he will over a period of time like iwkmj_2976.
  • It will likely get approved. Although not finalized, this memo is highly controversial.  
    It is interesting that it includes "The memos would also allow authorities to criminally prosecute parents who are undocumented immigrants if they paid smugglers to bring their children to the United States. 

    "Many of these children fall victim to robbery, extortion, kidnapping, sexual assault and other crimes of violence by the smugglers and other criminal elements along the dangerous journey through Mexico to the United States," the memo obtained by NBC News alleges."

    That will be a very decisive action.

    Live Long and Prosper
  • He will.
  • Yes, I think that he will and also possibly based on certain things such as family, record. Also, I live the new changes on, now it's even better. I was so upset that it was down yesterday, because that's when I wanted to sign up. I was scared that it would be shut down permantely. Anyway, I'm very happy with the changes and that is still up.
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