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How will marvel renew the Avengers after Infinity War.

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This debate will be discussing all of our ideas and possible outcomes on how they will bring back the Avengers.

What are some theories on how they fix the storyline?
What did characters do that were crucial to the storyline?

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  • BaconToesBaconToes 231 Pts   -  
    Captain Marvel steals the Ininfity Gauntlet and uses the time/reality stone to bring everyone back. Nebula would probably steal the Gauntlet from Captain Marvel kinda like in the comic and kills Thanos.
    i fart cows
  • ethang5ethang5 243 Pts   -  

    Thanos made a mistake. He assumed the half of the universe killed would not include him. It did! The final scene where we see him watching the sunset is of him in death. Notice his home world is undestroyed in that scene.

    With him dead, the stones revert.

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