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Post your results here (in-depth political test, single best in my opinion)
in Politics

By someone234someone234 640 Pts

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3408 Pts
    Okay, as all other similar tests, this one has a lot of questions that have too many implications behind them to be able to answer them honestly. For example:

    "Offshoring and outsourcing are necessary evils to improve production."
    I disagree that they are necessary, but I do think that naturally they will always exist. I also disagree that they are "evils": there is nothing wrong with offshoring and outsourcing, in my opinion. Should I agree or disagree with this statement? The test creators probably want to know what I think about the possibility to restrict offshoring/outsourcing, and I am against that possibility. So I should Strongly Agree with it?

    "The sacrifice of some civil liberties is a necessity in order to be protected from terrorist acts."
    I disagree that this is a "necessity" strictly, but realistically in the modern world it is difficult to do without this sacrifice. So, Rather Disagree? More context is needed.

    "My religion must be spread as widely as possible."
    I do not follow any religion, so this is not applicable. But if the question is with regards to the average individual, then I disagree.

    "The values of my country are superior to those of other countries."
    I think that the values the US was founded on are superior to the values of every other country I know - but that comes from the values themselves being based on freedoms and liberties, not from the fact that this is my country. I am not a patriot, and I dislike nationalism - yet if I Agree with this statement, the test will probably assume that this is not the case?

    Many of these questions need additional context provided, since the real answer to most of them is either "It depends", or "Yes and no".


    In any case, here is the results:
    I would say they are pretty accurate, but the questions in the survey need some improvement!
  • @MayCaesar Why such extreme results? Want to debate any (here or formally either works)?
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3408 Pts
    edited July 2018
    @someone234 I would not call them extreme, and they are just a function of my core views. Debating would not be very productive, since we have different core views, hence we will reach different conclusions.

    My views stem from the idea of individual freedom and liberty. The government in my ideal world picture serves one function: to guarantee the preservation of basic human rights. In the conditions of the absolute economical and social freedom, people are free to pursue their dreams and endeavors without the watchful eye of the Big Brother, they perform a lot of economical activity, leading to rapid economical, technological and scientific growth, improving our quality of life constantly. It is a usual libertarian view. Now let us see how this view manifests in each of the 8 categories.

    • Constructivism/Essentialism: People should always keep an open mind and question what they believe to be true. Constructivism pursues just that, it looks for the objective facts about the world, not the claims we take for granted. Essentialism is in opposition to this logic. However, certain facts are pretty well established, and while even they should be questioned, the current priorities should be different - so some minimal Essentialism is still required.
    • Rehabilitative Justice / Punitive Justice: The question one needs to ask themselves here is: what do we want, a culture where people do not commit crimes because they are afraid of the consequences, or a culture where people do not commit crimes because they do not want to? I prefer the second approach, and Rehabilitative Justice is the answer. However, in the real world some people are just going to want to commit crimes no matter what, so some degree of Punitive Justice can be healthy.
    • Progressivism/Conservatism: Not much to say here; the idea that something should persist just because it has worked for us so far is very alien to me. We should be looking forward, not be stuck in the past. Progressivism is simply the logical choice, while Conservatism stems from the common fear of change and has no rational basis.
    • Internationalism/Nationalism: In the future, national borders will become irrelevant, as the trade between various groups becomes more and more direct and less and less controlled by the government. In the end there will be no nations, only local formations. However, at the moment this is not the case, and opening all borders and allowing fully free trade will be easily exploitable by those who do not wish to do so on their end, so the concept of "nations" is not entirely obsolete just yet.
    • Communism/Capitalism: This one is easy. Communism is a totalitarian malicious ideology where people become slaves of the singular society with the single rigid set of rules. Capitalism, on the other hand, represents the natural freedom people deserve.
    • Regulationism/Laissez-faire: Same as before, just to a smaller degree; freedom is more important than safety/security, by far. Granted, some minimal regulations can be healthy, to prevent the exploitability of the free market from happening on a massive scale - but they should be an exception, not the rule.
    • Ecology/Productivism: The more productive the society is, the faster our technology will grow, and the faster we perfect it to the point where it does not affect the ecology adversely - and, in fact, it can fully repair the damage done in the past, and even reverse it to bring us to a better environment ecologically than our ancestors started with. Reducing productivity in order to preserve the ecology at the moment, instead of thinking long-term, is a backwards way to go about it.
    • Revolution/Reformism: This one is very situational. In general, I believe that the society should evolve, not revolve; true change can only come through a lengthy discussion and hard work, otherwise the change is likely to be superficial and not very well understood by people - and in the end reversed. However, in case of truly dire systems, such as Iranian or North Korean one, revolution may be the only way: the basis behind those systems is so flawed that nothing meaningful can evolve from it.
  • @whiteflame You are one neutral individual, lmao. I am curious how someone as into science (on a professional level) as yourself could be so anti essentialist. Do you deny we are born with preset personalities to huge degrees?
  • someone234someone234 640 Pts
    edited July 2018
    @MayCaesar You don't understand a couple of the axes well.

    The site is run by French people so their English is funny in this page but read it to better understand the axes:
  • @whiteflame You are one neutral individual, lmao. I am curious how someone as into science (on a professional level) as yourself could be so anti essentialist. Do you deny we are born with preset personalities to huge degrees?
    I don’t think it’s actual neutrality. Part of the issue is that many of my answers were not strong positives or negatives, mainly because so many of the questions were absolutist. I agreed or disagreed to a degree, but not strongly. I was neutral or hesitant on only a handful of issues. I would consider myself as someone who doesn’t hold a lot of strong opinions. Personalities are partly both nature and nurture, but I would say nurture plays the far greater role.
  • someone234
    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? " ~Epicurus

    "Americanism not Globalism, will be our credo." ~Donald Trump

    "A communist is like a crocodile" ~Winston Churchill

    Generally okay but like others I had some issues with it where it makes assumptions about what you mean, e.g. it presented something like "People in other countries are as deserving of help as people in other countries." Now I'd disagree with that because I think people in other countries are generally more deserving than people in my country; though I'm sure the survey would have taken it completely the other way.

    I ended up having to game it a bit which I only started doing about halfway through, which I'm sure knocked my scores off a bit.
  • @Ampersand Considering that you and silverishgoldnova are the only 2 users of this site to have blocked me (to my knowledge) I am so happy to see such irrational extremism in the views of one of my 2 self-made enemies.

  • Some of the questions have been quite ambiguous but overall I consider this political test to be better than any other I've ever tried.
  • @Topaet why not like my post then?
  • Mine just called me a jerk and told me not to ever vote. Then my tablet shocked me. :s
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