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Is the human race getting better or worse?
in Philosophy

I am undecided on this one.
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  • We're capable of getting better, but why some want to mindfully fester within themselves towards being negative and or hostile towards others, only the negative and hostile individuals can answer why they want to treat society negatively with their own actions? 

    We better ourselves when we better our communities through our shared actions.

    We better ourselves when we help or assist each other.

    We better ourselves when we're mindful of others and are respectful and considerate towards each other. 

    The human race can be better, but as long as some do what they will through their own actions to apparently hold itself back, humanity in a sense appears to be at the mercy of it's self? 

    And it's sad, if that is how some maybe want to be?

  • I think the human race is getting better from the standpoint of humans safety and liberty.

    -We are more technologically advanced and developed now than any point in human history.

    -We may be living in the most peaceful time since the existence of the human race.

    -Violent crime rates have decreased over long stretches of time.

    -We have eradicated several infectious diseases that previously killed people, and this is because of modern medicine.

    -We haven’t had a major war since World War II.

    I know we still struggle with crime, terrorism, poverty, etc., and as intrinsic human beings, I think we can improve. But with the overall development of the world, we are advancing at an exponential rate.

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1595 Pts
    edited December 2018
    Pretty much by every objective metric humanity today is much better off than at any other point in human history. From the poorest to the wealthiest country, the quality of life has raised dramatically in the last few decades, the crime rates have dropped, the full-scale wars are nearly non-existent, the communication has become much more convenient and the information more accessible and abundant...

    In the First World, the average citizen has a quality of life that up until a few decades ago was only accessible to the wealthiest people on Earth. And in the rest of the world, the average citizen is still much better off than the upper class was at the same locations a few decades ago.

    People tend to focus on the negative and ignore the positive, so it might seem that we are going in the wrong direction - but it would only take but a few minutes of time-travelling in the past for anyone to appreciate just how far we have gone.
  • Humanity is dictated to by how other humans treat others globally.

    If humanity was positive to the rest of humanity, then the things negative that happen, wouldn't be in people's faces via the crimes that happen in their own neighborhoods, or talked in the news, or in a newspaper, or by word of mouth.

    Some of humanity via the news is engaging in human trafficking, or some coming into the United States illegally, through the border?

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