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Will Trump trade war help United states

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It is on. President Trump has made his intend clear and has initiated a chess game Trump against all other countries - Trade war. He is a savy business man, and has a delibirate plan. But is he playing blindfolded against chess masters, or is he playing against bunch of rookies. Is he going to win this game, and what are all fallouts from this war for America.
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    Will Trump trade war net help USA?

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  • inc4tinc4t 186 Pts   -  
    Trump knows economics and surrounded himself with Industry experts. While there will be winners and losers as the trade war shifts export demand from some smaller cities that rely on undiversified exports of certain goods, overall USA will get net positive impact.
  • ale5ale5 263 Pts   -  
    China and other exporting countries hold so much of our bonds that they have tremendous leverage against US. Trump is playing with fire
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  • agsragsr 866 Pts   -  
    There was an excellent article few days ago in WSJ on this topic.
    ‘Trump Country’ Might Suffer More in a Trade War, Study Says
    The most export-intensive places tend to be smaller cities in Midwest and Southeast. There will be winners and losers based on export intensity.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I believe that it may.
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