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Black Panther is the most overrated movie of 2018

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Don't get me wrong I think it was a decent movie, but it's like its something revoloutionary. It's basically a rinse and repeat of other superhero movies
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  • It is just a plain marvel movie. For some reason, it was in the golden globes and almost won the best picture. Marvel movies aren't bad, but they are for the fans, they are not high-quality movies. The animation was decent, to the best. The movie was admired for the fact that it had the first full black cast and had a good, meaningful message. But it still lies in the bounds of a marvel movie. The movie is not revolutionary and should not be seen as revolutionary. It doesn't matter who was on the cast, the movie is on a marvel basis. It does not introduce any new ideas and it is not the first of its kind to appear. It was popular for what is seen as not what it was. Marvel movies deserve as much attention as any other movie but they are made for story and money, they lack creativity. 
  • PaulettePaulette 22 Pts   -  
    The reason why its amazing is because it has an *almost* all-black cast
  • DebateChampDebateChamp 139 Pts   -  

    A common issue with superhero films is that the main hero is often overshadowed by either the villains or the supporting cast. “The Dark Knight” is a perfect example of this – everybody was talking about Heath Ledger’s performance instead of Christian Bale’s. As the long the lead is compelling enough, it doesn’t necessarily have to hurt the film’s quality.

    But even though Chadwick Boseman is certainly a capable actor and does more than a fine job, you do find yourself wishing by the end of the film that it focused more on T’Challa’s trusted bodyguard Okoye (played wonderfully by Danai Gurira). One of the most memorable sequences in the film is Okoye’s fight scene in the casino. Perhaps it’s the unusual but fun theme song of Okoye that plays in the background, but we get such an equally exciting moment with “Black Panther.”

    Part of this is because T’Challa is written as a virtuous character with nearly no flaws, while Okoye is shown to be temperamental and passionate. There’s also T’Challa’s industrious sister Shuri (Letitia Wright) who humorously questions Wakanda’s customs and has a youthful excitement throughout the events of the film. It’s not that T’Challa doesn’t have a decently written arc – his discovery of his father’s moral compromise and his decision to mend the sins of the past – but it just doesn’t make his character anymore compelling.

    Perhaps one could argue that his virtuous nature is akin to Superman, but T’Challa is also mopier, taking his duty as Black Panther almost as a burden. Superman, meanwhile, did it for truth, justice and the American way. The script simply doesn’t allow the character to have enough fun.

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