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Is there another universe???

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Is there another universe,are we alone in the whole of existance

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  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1242 Pts   -  
    I watched an interesting lecture a few months ago where one physicist was suggesting a new universe is created every time a black hole is formed, and that our own universe might feasibly exist in the inside of a black hole. If a black hole is large enough, you can avoid the theorised spaghettification and live in it quite happily. According to the lecturer, at least.
  • John_C_87John_C_87 Emerald Premium Member 817 Pts   -   edited January 20

    I think we really need to ask Physicists the hard math question like how do lists of natural numbers such as compass degrees and time end up as real numbers anyway. They say it is for accuracy but bad math practice does not make things more accurate in itself. It makes things less accurate and harder for people to understand why.

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