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Evidence that a sudden massive permanent climate change killed the Berezovka mammoth.

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Researchers have been puzzled by evidences such as the Berezovka mammoth for years, but not all deductions are logical, as we see in this report:

In fact it is this incredible preservation which lies at the heart of today’s post. If you saw the 2004 film the Day After Tomorrow you might have heard that some mammoths have been found ‘flash frozen’ with preserved food still in their mouths. 

This paper supports the idea that a sudden accident which plunged the mammoth into a crevace was responsible for its sudden demise and preservation.  What does not support that idea is that the mammoth was suddenly frozen with tropical vegetation in its mouth, proving the weather just prior to the accident was warm and tropical.

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  • markemarke 403 Pts   -  

    @marke ; Are there any here who care to guess how a mammoth with tropical vegetation in its mouth could have been frozen so quickly that its stomach contents did not have time to decay?

  • markemarke 403 Pts   -  
    Darwinistrs are notorious for lack of interest in scientific evidence which destroys their protected Darwinist assumptions and favored dogmas.  The Berezovka mammoth died suddenly in an environment which plunged from tropical warmth to sub-zero temperatures in a matter of minutes and which was accompanied by worldwide flooding which created huge polar icecaps and thousands of feet deep frozen muck mixed with disarticulated plant and animal body parts covering the smashed remains of massive tropical forests and vegetation below.
  • markemarke 403 Pts   -  
    Why do Darwinists not know any scientific evidences which refute evolution?  Because they refuse to even consider any evidence that does not fit their evolutionist dogma.  That is why secularists in England abandoned the Cattedown fossils, because the rare find did not fit their previous assumptions and speculations, in spite of the fact that the Cattedown human bones were some of the rarest and oldest human bones ever found on earth.

    But never fear.  Shorthly after rejecting the Cattedown find the English Darwinists invented a fake fossil 'discovery' just down the road from Cattedown and declared it to be the first missing link human/ape fossil ever found.  They named it Piltdown.
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