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They should make a college called YMCA

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They just should. My brother (9 years old) Said he wanted to go to YMCA for college and y'know what they should make a college called YMCA.

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  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 51 Pts   -  
    Tbh, that doesn't sound like a bad idea, they already teach them in many athletic ways. Maybe it can be a sports college?
  • AlofRIAlofRI 1390 Pts   -  
    What do you have against women? Where would Christianity be without them?
  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 51 Pts   -  
    @AlofRI I think you have the wrong debate...
  • AlofRIAlofRI 1390 Pts   -  
    No. I'm just for equality. If we have a college called YMCA College, we need a college called YWCA College. Better to follow the current, most popular direction and have a YW&MA College leaving the "C" out of it. That allows for the education of Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, and others. You know, free and unencumbered education for all. (With "free" not necessarily meaning monetarily free).
  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 51 Pts   -  
    Sorry, forgot the acronym for YMCA, I am completely with you on making a YM&WA.
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