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Jesus Christ The God of Heaven Did It!

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allah is satan: is represented by symbols: the sickle and the sycthe, the inverted pentagram, the cube of saturn the kabba, where saturn chython (roman appolyon) is a titan: reffered to by the greeks as a demon (opnik, koan ; from ancient greek xoovioc; kythonios) meaning he who lives in hell associated with the synagogue of saturn, who is represented by the sickle and the sycthe, reffered to as satre, associated with equivalent practices and methods found in roman culture used to summon the demon ( pre-dating the infernal satanic poss cult as equivalent to the practices used to summon the demon allah in the satanic cult of islam and where saturn's consorts are the exact same consorts of the demon allah and where the infernal satanic unholy quran states, the demon allah is saturn in the infernal unholy texts an-najm, which being translated means the star, and where the star chose mohammed, therefore satan chose mohammed which is the reason why mohammed disagrees with the actual prophets of God Jesus THE CHRIST GOD, and where the demon saturn demands child sacrifice, consistent with islam, and where saturnalia is celebrated on the same dates of the infernal satanic unholy cult of islam lundar calendar lailatul kadr, and where the temple of saturn was shaped as a cube and where the kabba was built in dedication to saturn in the infernal satanic unholy pos cult of islam as a rectangular satanic synagogue, and where the demon allah is depicted as star on tablets with six points therefore the demon allah is satan and the muslims know the demon allah is saturn.

Therefore, satans real name is zohar!  you satan!

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