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Online vs. Traditional learning

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Are you with or against online learning. Justify through providing three reasons.

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  • SarahHaidarSarahHaidar 2 Pts   -  
  • VenomVenomVenomVenom 26 Pts   -  
    I think online learning has its place but can never replace real school

    - Social skills are a vital element of going to school with other kids 
    - The level of interaction is overall very low 
  • debateladydebatelady 19 Pts   -  
    Online learning delivers education to students who live in a foreign country. It is a chance to develop their own skill and cultivate the necessary skills.  Moreover, Online learning is cheaper than traditional education. Education cost rises up each year especially university it is not an affordable price for a low-income family. Also, workers can learn on their holiday. On the other hand, traditional education makes us special during class. we have conversations or debates with classmates. The best way to take education is traditional education. Online education is the second option. 
  • @SarahHaidar

    In a state of the union, the point would be a focus on the creation of a better-united state between the two, these type of unions do not come by pitting ways to gather information against each other. 

    (A) Jack of all trades.

    (B) Apprenticeship.

    (C) Job training is work.

    Mom, Dad when I grow up I want to shovel crap. I can’t stand the sight of blood and the natural amount of that pours from both ends of people insures a steading income.

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