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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

iPhone 7 vs Samsung galaxy S7?
in Technology

By JaimieB836JaimieB836 4 Pts edited December 2016
Which is better?
Which is better?
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    1. iPhone 7
    2. Galaxy S7

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  • I believe that the IPhone is better, as well as the software. IOS and especially IOS 10 set it apart drastically.
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  • A man is walking to his car, when suddenly, a genie appears from a lamp he bought.

    The genie says he will grant the man one wish.

    The man asks for a bridge from California to Hawaii, because he is afraid to fly and gets seasick by boat.

    The genie tells him. "I could grant the wish, but that is too unrealistic. Think about something else".

    The man tells the genie, "Ok then. I want apple fans to realize they aren't hot stuff because they spent $1000 on a new phone with very little improvements because a forced update on their previous phone made theirs unusable."

    The genie tells him, "Do you want that bridge with 2 lanes or 4 lanes?"
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  • Get on my level I'm using an s5. However the answer depends on how involved toy want you be with the OS. Android phones are significantly more customizable, especially with third party products. However many won't care about that or just find it confusing. Any generation of Android phones has 2 or 3 models coming out from multiple manufacturers, each with their own hardware and bios setup (htc, Google, Motorola, Samsung). It can do things like cloud share the same as Apple but it takes more work to set up and needs to be set up with every device you want to connect to. In terms of the s5 I love that it has an ir sensor so I can use it as a universal remote and operate tvs in public, but the ir sensor was removed after the s5.

    If you want something that's easy to learn and use, and consistent over multiple devices, the Iphone is for you. It can easily connect to your computer, tv via the Apple box, tablet and cloud with very little work on your part. It's sheer popularity and consistent over multiple devices makes it easy to troubleshoot and connect on the same page with those around you who have the iphone. However this popularity makes it a bigger target for malware as the significant majority of iphone users are on the same os and the hardware spans about 3 generations with a couple tweaks in each gen e.g. Iphone 6 vs iphone6s. Because it is sell made by one company any accessory you need cab be found in one place and any troubleshooting for an accessory or the phone can all happen in one place where the it person is familiar with both and exactly how they connect. These advantages come with the downside that everything is pretty standardized leaving little room for customization from a software standpoint, the company can charge high prices by being a mini monopoly, and it's easier to roll out updates that make older phones run slower as they only need to know the hardware and bios setup of about 3 phones that they themselves made in each generation.

    I prefer androids and in turn the S7 over any iphone because I am fairly into hardware and software and like to tweak my device to my specific liking and learn the language that it speaks, also the ability to work through problems that may arise on my own.
  • In my opinion apple is better than samsung the only brand of smartphone i have ever used is apple so im going with the iphone 7

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1939 Pts
    edited November 2018
    When it comes to comparing Android vs iOS, I like to bring up Linux vs Windows comparison as an analogy. Linux is very customizable and can be used for pretty much any purposes, it is open source and features probably millions of independent developers writing code for it. Windows, on the other hand, is very easy to use, it is incredibly polished, everything works without tinkering with the settings.

    I choose Linux for work, and Windows for everyday use. Similarly, I would choose Android for professional applications, while at home and when traveling iOS is my choice.

    I would pick an iPhone over a Galaxy any day - but that is because I am purely a user. Were I a phone software developer, I would likely get both and use them where they are at their best.
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