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I Think, Therefore.....

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.....I am not a theist.

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  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -  
  • SwolliwSwolliw 937 Pts   -  
    34 Great Scientists Who Were Committed Christians (famousscientists.org)  well how about that!
    Considering that there have been thousands of preeminent scientists through the centuries, 34 is a pitiful turnout really, isn't it?
    And then one needs to consider that all but one on the list lived in times when to denounce religion would all but destroy one's career.
    So, your great burst of insight really accounts for diddly squat.
  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -  
    oh i am sure there are many more@Swolliw
  • SwolliwSwolliw 937 Pts   -  
    oh i am sure there are many more

    Yeah, plenty more nitwit mad scientists who just didn't quite make the grade to get grants, so they go and write conspiracy and spiritual nonsense books and sell them by the thousands to even more nitwitted, naive, gullible people.

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