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To all those who want our children watching two men kiss. How about adults kissing consenting kids?

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To all you supposed open minded, inclusive supporters of LGBT activism, why would you be so Pedophobic when it comes to your kids watching adults who have attractions for consenting children?

Why are you not fighting for Pedophile rights? Why are you not fighting to lower the age of consent for marriage? Pedophies say they are born with attractions towards Children! Sound familiar?
You must be Pedophobic to not fight for their rights! How could you be against our laws changing to appease Pedophile groups? Don't you know that nature shows parental animals having sex with their offspring?

You must be Pedophobic if you do not want our family programming showing men kissing consenting children. You say it's against the Law? If that is true, why are you not fighting to change the law? Are you Pedophobic? You say kids are to young to consent to kissing adults? Yes, and they are too young to be watching two men kissing on Hallmark family programming since it goes against our natural Biological sexual design.

This is the slippery slope of the authoritarian Left. They will force you thorugh the courts to change the laws in every State. If these authoritarians choose to add P to the LGBT alphabet, the Democrat Party will add them to their voting blocks giving special mention in every speech. If you do not capitulate, you will be labeled Pedophobic and shamed as intolerant to diversity. You will be taken to court!

It's amazing watching supposed open minded tolerant peope denying the right's of other groups who claim they are born with these attractions for children. You say Gays are born with attractions towards the same sex, which makes it ok. Why do you ignore the plight of other discriminated groups?

Maybe if you stopped allowing fake news to tell you how to think, you might just start understanding that no group has the right to condition our impressionable children, regradless their ludicrous excuses when denying the Science of Biology.

Have some respect for parentental rights, and stop pushing your latest letter in the LGBT alphabet on our kids! We have ratings on TV programming for a reason!

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